Summer Bucket List Ideas for the Family

What are your plans this summer? With the kids out of school, I am always trying to think of ideas to keep us all having fun! This year, I decided to create a Summer Bucket List so we have goals to complete in a very fun way.

Summer Bucket List Ideas for the Family

I like creating these lists seasonally, I had so much fun creating and completing our Ultimate Christmas Bucket List. And since I enjoyed it so much, I thought I would share a new one for summer with all of you! Here are some ideas to add to your Summer Bucket List plus either grab the pre-made bucket list or the blank free printable version to add your own ideas! This list also includes helpful links to find recipes and more for easy reference. You can also create your own calendar or planner with a calendar making software. So, you don't forget about scheduled activities from your bucket list.

This list is about FUN! So don't feel obligated and end up stressing yourself out over this. I don't consider myself a "Perfect Pinterest-worthy/Instagram-worthy Mom". I just like to create memories with my children. This list is perfect to add stuff you already had planned or on days where you are wondering what to do, then you don't need to search for ideas. In addition to that, you can also enhance your bucket list by adding long-awaited Christmas Gifts for Toddlers that you have always intended to give. Please share any of your fun summer activities in the comments below!

1. Visit a Water Park - We enjoy going to Six Flag's Hurricane Harbor each year.
2. Go on a Staycation
3. Go Camping
4. Play in the Sprinkler
5. Movie Marathon - Create out door fun with an Outdoor Projector.
6. Make Slime
7. Have a Water Gun Fight
8. Go to The Lake or Beach
9. Backyard Waterslide - Using tarps and dish soap, you can make your own!
10. Ride a Rollercoaster
11. Go See Fireworks - Find them locally or buy your own
12. Go Bowling - fun to do on a rainy day or when it is too hot, but you could also make your own!
13. Tie Dye Shirts - Check out our How To Video
14. Go Roller Skating - such fun exercise too!
15. Play Mini Golf
16. Make Your Own Pizza Night
17. Play Flashlight Tag
18. Host Family Game Night
19. Send the Kids to Summer Camp
20. Attend a Vacation Bible School
21. Host a Backyard BBQ
22. Make Homemade Ice Cream or Popsicles
23. Toast Marshmallows & Make S'mores - super easy with a pop up fire pit.
24. Catch and Release Lightning Bugs
25. Pick Strawberries at a Local Agrotourism Farm
26. Play in the Sand - whether you go somewhere or make your own kinetic sand
27. Paint and Hide Rocks - Learn more about Kindness Rocks
28. Make Homemade Bubbles
29. Complete a Summer Reading List
30. Play Dress Up
31. Go on a Picnic
32. Complete a Summer Craft
33. Eat Watermelon
34. Summer Road Trip
35. Enjoy a Long Pool Day
36. Host a Neighborhood Block Party
37. Go Kayaking

Click Image Below or the one at the top of this post to print for free:

Please let me know what summer memories you like to enjoy with your family in the comments below.

What are some of your must do summer activities?


  1. These are all great ideas. I love going to the lake myself!

  2. These are some WONDERFUL ideas! I am definitely bookmarking this page for the future.

  3. We live on a lake so we like to kayak, boat and tube and invite lots and lots of friends over to join us. Pinned.

  4. This is an awesome bucket list for Summer! Thanks for sharing. :) We definitely plan on doing a lot of things on this list, especially swimming and camping!

  5. We can’t do as much as we used to, but we still like to go on a walk through the park. We love BBQs, picnics, going to the beach, watching sports, etc. We love being with family and friends!

  6. This will be great to use with my granddaughters this summer. We're learning about bugs this summer.

  7. Pizza night would be good!--and pizza lunch, pizza breakfast, etc.!


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