Snacking on Plan with FITCRUNCH + Cheesy Buffalo Chicken Nugget Recipe

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I have some amazing news that I haven't shared anywhere else yet, but I am very proud of it. I have officially lost 50 pounds and am at my lowest weight I have been before I got pregnant with my son (probably my daughter too, but I didn't weigh myself then). I wish I had kept better track of this journey because it has been a long one. Figuring out what works for my body. Understanding that nutrition is number one and strength is more important than cardio. It has been a learning curve for sure.

I am a firm believer in making food choices that are smart. Snacking is the number one issue concerning people who are trying to lose weight. And they always want to know how to stop it. And I say, why? Just be smart about your snacking choices. I was recently sent some FITCRUNCH Cheddar Cheese High Protein Puffs to try out with my family.

Celebrity Chef Robert Irvine created FITCRUNCH® because he was set out to deliver something good for you without compromising great taste and decadence. Robert believed that with a ton of hard work, dedication, and inventiveness, he could create quality, protein-packed food that’s good for you. It’s been quite a journey, but something that started with protein bars evolved into protein snack-size bars, powders, puffs, and more. FITCRUNCH is driven to craft foods that do not compromise on taste or nutrition.

So because the way I lost 50 pounds was focusing on making the food I enjoyed healthier, I decided to share this fun recipe that I adapted from a Felicia Fitness recipe (she focuses on the Weight Watches plan which I don't follow) and made some super yummy Cheesy Buffalo Chicken Nuggets. And they are SO easy to make! Just cut up some chicken breasts into nugget shapes, roll in buffalo sauce, then coat the pieces in crunched up FITCRUNCH Cheddar Cheese High Protein Puffs. Air fry at 400 for about 10-12 minutes or bake them at 40 for about 20 min. FITCRUNCH Cheddar Cheese High Protein Puffs are packed with 20g of high quality protein. They are great for on-the-go families, they’re free of gluten, GMOs, and soy. They also do not contain sugar alcohols, trans fats, or artificial flavors, colors, and sweeteners.

My whole family is a huge fan of these puffs! I love to give them to my kiddos before or after baseball/softball practice. My personal favorite way to enjoy these was on top of a salad. These were suppose to be just for my husband and myself, but I'm going to have to buy more because my kiddos ate through them pretty quickly!

FITCRUNCH Cheddar Cheese High Protein Puffs are available to purchase at Save $5 when you purchase FITCRUNCH Cheddar Cheese High Protein Puffs on Amazon with the promo code 5OFF4FITMOM. Offer ends November 14, 2019.

What do you think of FITCRUNCH? Will you be trying out this recipe? Are you on a weightloss journey? If so, what are some of your tips?

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  1. I haven't tried these yet. They sound really good and so does that chicken!


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