Summer Fun at Stone Mountain Park

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know a few weeks ago my hubby was on vacation from work and we decided that we wanted to have a fun staycation. We started it off with a Braves game at the new Sun Trust Park, we also updated our membership and went to Zoo Atlanta, and then my husband got an email about a great on an All-Adventure passes at Stone Mountain Park. For basically $25 per person, we were able to do everything in the park and I didn't realize how much they had to offer!

All-Attraction passes include access to: Summit Skyride, Dinosaur Explore, Scenic Railroad, 4-D Theater, SkyHike®, Camp Highland Outpost, Geyser Towers®, Dinotorium, Great Locomotive Chase Adventure Golf, Historic Square, and Discovering Stone Mountain Museum.
We started the day off with the Dinotorium (where we didn't take any pictures) because for some reason when we got there their computer system was down and the manager was trying to help us make sure we enjoyed something while we were waiting. It is a tower of climbing, sliding, and ball throwing fun where you also get to learn about dinosaurs! Because it was still mid day, the next thing we went to was the 4-D Theater where we watched an interactive movie about dinosaurs.

After that we went over and rode the Summit Skyride to the top of the mountain. The weather was great and there was a nice breeze up there. We also brought some stuff in for a snack. When we went back down the mountain, we decided to check out the museum and watched a short movie learning about the history of the mountain and the civil war. And then we went to Dinosaur Explore where we got to see life sized animatronic dinosaurs.

After that we headed over to SkyHike and Camp Highland Outpost. My son was actually too small to go up into Geyser Towers without an adult and none of us brought bathing suits or a change of clothes. My husband also didn't put close-toed shoes on my son like I asked him to, so he couldn't really do anything at SkyHike either (height was also an issue), but he didn't mind playing in the sand while the rest of us enjoyed it. My daughter and I tried to go around SkyHike, but she did NOT enjoy it at all so we only made it part of the way through, but I'm honestly proud of her for trying it at all. My husband timed himself and completed it in 15 minutes!

After that we went over and rode the Scenic Railroad. This is my son's favorite. If you were going to purchase just a ticket for the railroad and the Summit Skyride, then you would spend about as much as we did for the All-Attraction passes, so we felt we got a very good deal. 

By this time, it was time to find a seat on the iconic Memorial Lawn, eat some yummy dinner we packed in our Grizzly cooler, and had a blast dancing waiting for the Lasershow Spectacular in Mountainvision.

My son was playing with the kids next to us and one of them accidentally hit him in the eye with one of their light swords. Their grandmother was with them and she felt so bad so she bought my son one too. It was kind of a weird exchange. My son rushed to me crying and they rushed over and tried to apologize before I even had a minute to process what was happening. And then the grandmother just asked him if he wanted one and then asked me. But my son ended up being fine without even a bruise so I guess it ended okay. I honestly had no idea how to handle it. What would you have done?

Anyways. We husband has another vacation next month that we are looking forward to. My kids are also enjoying Vacation Bible School this week. So we will be sharing more of our adventures with you all soon!

What do you think of Stone Mountain Park? What activities are you enjoying this summer?


  1. Looks like tons of fun Diana. As for Tampico I love the juice so reckon a pop would be delightful too. Sweet with some tart. Perfect combo for keeping cool on a hot summer day.

  2. Breath taking view right there

  3. What a beautiful place, I absolutely love nature and being outdoors! Unfortunately I live in the city and no where near it now, which makes me sad. I can't wait for our next vacation! This place is definitely on my bucket list now, thanks for sharing. :)

  4. Wow, what a nice area. That has to be the best staycation I've ever seen!! Lucky you!

  5. Such beautiful photos!

  6. I remember going there as a kid. It was so cool but I don't remember all the extra stuff. I bet my boys would really like it. As for the incident with your son, if he's ok and they were just having fun, I wouldn't sweat it. Accidents happen all the time. It was sweet of the woman to buy him the toy.

  7. So neat to see the great views there!

  8. We have seen this from the road, but I never knew they had so many activities. Next time we go by I'm planning a stop. Thanks so much for sharing!


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