Nanny to Mommy: How to Score a FREE Fitbit

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Monday, April 9, 2018

How to Score a FREE Fitbit

NO this is not click bate and YES you read that right. If you searched "Lark app Free Fitbit scam" to get to this page, then I am here to tell you that THIS IS LEGIT!

I have been using an app called Lark for a few months now. It was recommended to me through my husband's work. Each year we have to take a health evaluation for our insurance. The Lark app was recommended to me because I have a history of diabetes in my family and this app is all about diabetes prevention. Please note: Not all insurance plans work with the Lark app.

Get a FREE Fitbit

I have an okay diet, but a pretty inactive lifestyle unless I go to the gym. I have a history of diabetes on both sides of my family. My husband did not qualify for the Lark app because the questions he answered didn't qualify him. As soon as I signed up I received a free digital scale that is directly connected to the app and updates my weight automatically. As long as you are active on the app, then you will get a FREE Fitbit (at a certain price point).

If you have been following my blog for a while, then you know at the beginning of last year we were doing great with our weightloss. The summer kind of threw off my work out schedules, but we were going swimming every day. The holidays threw me for a loop and I could never get back on track. This year has been hard to get motivated again. I will go through spurts of going back to the gym again and I'm feeling good, then something knocks me off track. Getting fit is an up hill battle sometimes, but I have found that having the Lark app and a Fitbit has really helped. The Lark app has reminders to log your food so you can see the quality of your foods. And the Fitbit has reminders to help you meet the step goal that you set.

The Lark app provides you with a personal weightloss coach. Your personal Lark coach tracks your exercise, sleep, and diet, then texts you motivation and advice – whenever and wherever you need.

Some see that sticker price of a Fitbit and they just say, "Nope, not for me." But if you're insurance will pay for it because they are all about preventive health, then why not look into it? What do you have to lose? See if you quality by signing up HERE.

Make sure to come back to this post and let me know if you qualified in the comments below!


  1. Wow, that is awesome that they will give you a free Fitbit for staying active! That is definitely a great incentive. :) And what a fun way to stay in shape. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi! Did you pay for the Lark app?

    1. No. You should pay nothing. This is through your insurance.

  3. how do u get the scale I don't see anywhere on the app??

  4. Once you qualify, download the app and chat with them for awhile, you have to log in your first meal/snack and then they will tell you through chat that they're mailing you your scale and should receive it in the next few days. Just chat with them for about 5-10 mins through the app and you'll get it :)

  5. What fitbit do they give out? Is it the fitbit Alta that is pictured?

    1. This one was free at the time. It isn't any certain fitbit. I think it really is more like money off because I could have gotten other fitbits with a huge discount, like over half off or nearly free.

    2. thanks! How long did you have to wait before you were able to get the Fitbit?

    3. A week or two of actively using the app and then they sent me a link to get one. Then it was regular shipping from there.


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