Seeing the Solar Eclipse in the Path of Totality {Not So Wordless Wednesday + LINKY}

So if you live in the US, then you probably know all about the Solar Eclipse (and might even be tired of hearing about it). We knew this was a once in a lifetime experience and so we wanted to visit the Path of Totality for ourselves. So we rented a hotel room (camping was already full) and we made plans to spend the whole weekend hiking and visiting far away friends.

Viewing the eclipse in totality was truly a once in a lifetime, breathtaking experience.
We had bought eclipse glasses that were ISO 12312-2 international safety standard compliant from Kroger a few weeks before. They were gone the same day they came in. Amazon had a few available, but unless you knew what you were looking for - people were trying to take advantage and make a quick buck so you had to be careful. We had also made the trip to Tallulah Falls State Park where we almost didn't get in because they were so full. Thankfully we had went there the day before and made it into our backup plan location.

Below is a video my husband got. Clearly he isn't a pro at recording. LOL To be fair, he didn't want to have to look through his phone and wanted to experience it for himself. But in the video, you can hear my daughter's reaction and even my son's who had no interest before. He asked, "Where'd the sun go?" It was very cute. You can also see how dark it got where we were. You can even hear the crickets just stop during the eclipse, the closer that we got to totality the louder they got and then just stopped. You can also hear me tell the kids to get their glasses on, but I tried several times and you wouldn't be able to view totality at all with the glasses on - it is also completely safe to view it this way but only in totality. You can also hear us tell my son to put his glasses on because after totality he wanted to just stare at the sun.

This is a Facebook video and if you reading this in email then you are going to have to click through to view. But I think it's worth it. ;)

Our pictures did not turn out like some others did because we did change our phone settings before hand. Womp womp. But that is okay. Nothing can escape what we saw first hand.


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  1. I enjoyed your photos we had it on our news here in London sadly we didn't get to see it like over there :-(

    Have an eclipsetastic day :-)

  2. Very nice pics. Thanks for hosting and have a wonderful week.

  3. Very cool! I am already planning a road trip for 2024 to see the next solar eclipse in the path of totality.

    Visiting from WW

  4. Seeing the eclipse was pretty awesome. I wish I had been somewhere where I could have heard animals or bugs respond to the moment (like the crickets you mentioned). How wonderful that you took your kids to enjoy! :)

    With Love,

  5. I've never really seen a total eclipse ( though I remember two partial ones and a lunar one) and can understand your excitement. But I do remember blackening some glass and looking through....


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