Who Are YOU When You're Hangy?

This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/MARS. All opinions are my own.

Do you know what hangry is? Hungry + Angry = Hangry.
To the people who don't experience this. More power to you. But I am. And I remember the first time my poor husband was on the receiving end of my hangry wrath.

We had just started dating, I didn't eat very well at work that day so by the time he picked me up to take me out I was STARVING for dinner. But he wanted to go to the movies first to miss the crowds. I said, "NO!"...more like screamed it. I told him he could take me home if that was the plan. He said, "Well why don't we go in Walmart and grab a SNICKERS or something." It must have been love because somehow he knew the way to my heart.

Now whenever I am randomly mad or grumpy, he asks me if I need a SNICKERS. And all is well in the world again. When hunger strikes, enjoy a SNICKERS Crisper! It’s the same SNICKERS you love, with a satisfying crunch! They are a delicious combination of crisped rice and peanuts topped with a layer of caramel and coated in creamy SNICKERS Brand milk chocolate. It's really easy to purchase SNICKERS Crisper because they are found at your local Walmart and online at Walmart.com PLUS they come in the following sizes: SNICKERS Crisper Single, SNICKERS Crisper 4 to Go and SNICKERS Crisper Medium FUN SIZE Bag (12 count).

Who are you when you are hangry?

This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/MARS. All opinions are my own.


  1. Omgosh lol!! I totally get Hangry!! So funny because hubby can ALWAYS tell when I am too lol!! I must have a hangry face!!

  2. I have not tried SNICKERS Crisper as of yet, but I sure will when I am Hangry too! Very cute post!
    twinkle at optonline dot net

  3. you do not want to be around me when I get hangry.....


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