SweetPea's 5th Birthday: Disney Princess Theme

Thank you to Oriental Trading for providing products to help make my daughter's day so special.

SweetPea's had her 5th birthday party this past Saturday. I can NOT believe she turned FIVE on Wednesday! Where did the time go? My mother-in-law was super sweet and let us host the shindig at her house. And I was fortunate to be able to work with Oriental Trading again for all the wonderful decorations.

I brought all of SweetPea's dress up dresses, so all the little girls could wear a dress of their own. SweetPea wanted to wear her Sleeping Cutie dress from GreatPretenders because "it's pink and sparkly". Whoever would have thought I would have such a girly girl.
They also wore some cute foam tiaras as well, which were a HUGE hit. If you buy jewels, then they can decorate them. I thought it came with them, oops.

We played "pin the crown on Aurora" game seen above. I also bought little tiaras and filled them with candy, they served as not only cute d├ęcor, but also party favors. What I love about Oriental Trading is that you can get SO MUCH without spending a ton. I also got these cute animal masks from them and the kids made them as well. I figured princesses talk to animals, right? The kids loved it.
As far as food was concerned, we just had pizza and cake. I did have some Honest Kids juice for the kiddos to enjoy. The cake was from Kroger and it turned out fantastic.

Here's a list of everything I could for the Party, mostly from Oriental Trading, some from Amazon:
Disney Princess Very Important Princess Dream Party Hanging Centerpiece
Paper Disney Princess Very Important Princess Doorway Curtain
Disney’s Fanciful Princess Centerpiece
Disney Princess Happy 5th Birthday Balloon
Plastic Mini Cinderella Inspired High Heel Shoe Party Decoration

The kids seemed to have such a good time and I know my daughter can not stop talking about it. A GREAT day was had by all!

What did you think of our Disney Princess Birthday Party? What do you think of Oriental Trading?
Thank you to Oriental Trading for providing products to help make my daughter's day so special.

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  1. WOW! Wish my girls were little again. This adorable! Thanks for sharing. You have beautiful kids.


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