Potty Training Tips & Tricks

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Acorn. All opinions are my own.
So if you have been following my blog for a little while, then you know that my son is 20 months old. Yep, you read that right. Can you believe it has been that long since I had him? Being the almost two year old that he is, I have started to think about potty training. Why? Because he is actually showing signs of readiness. He will come to me when he needs a diaper change, he will leave the room to go, and then he will find me to tell me he is stinky.

So it's time to start dusting off my potty training tips. I had a girl the first time around, but I was a nanny so I have a little experience potty training a boy. Here's a list I have created with my tips, including an essentials list:

1. Introduce Them to the Potty. Either buy a small potty seat or one you sit on top of the toilet. Or let them pick it out. Leave it in your living room for a few days, let them sit on it with clothes on. Then gradually move it to the "Potty Training Bathroom". Which is our downstairs half bath since it is used most often.

2. Praise. Don't yell, get mad, or punish. When you have been allowing them to go in their diapers for two years, it can be an alarming sensation to go in a pot. We have to teach them because they don't know any different and need to learn to listen to their little bodies. But punishing them can make them afraid. Instead, cheer, clap, congratulate!

3. Make them help clean up messes. If they pee in their panties/undies, then they can take them off. This was a big deal breaker for my daughter. She didn't want to touch the mess, so I think it really helped with association. And as long as you don't get mad, you are teaching them that cleaning up after their mistakes is just a part of life. You won't always be there to do it for them, so it's best to teach them early.

4. Routine. Just keep asking and trying to go every few hours. Or even every hour. With my daughter, I was pregnant so I took her as often as I went to the restroom, which was a lot. After a few days of consistency it just clicked for her.

5. Ditch the Diapers. You will have to clean up some accidents, but they will feel less comfortable, so they end up paying attention to their body better.

6. Be prepared to clean up a lot of messes. And beside the fact that your little one's bladder may not be ready, sometimes accidents just happen. Be prepared to also not fully ditch the diapers on outings or long car trips at first. And remember night time potty training, is a totally different topic.

7. Stock The Essentials. Training Pants or Underwear. Charmin Ultra Soft toilet paper back at Sam's Club for a limited time with a thousand more sheets per package. Of course this isn't just a potty training essential, this is a bathroom staple in our house. We also like flushable wipes as well, like Kandoo or Charmin Freshmates. Hand Soap. Lysol. Change of Clothes. Cheerios to help little boys with their aim. Books. Some people also like to add small toys or candy as a "reward", I like a reward chart. They add stickers and earn up to a reward. You can stock up on these essentials at Sam's Club!

What's your go-to potty training advice?

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Acorn. All opinions are 100% my own.


  1. Never having had a child I never had to go through potty training. But it sure does sound like good advice to me.

  2. You've got some great tips here! I really need to work on my daughter. I think the repetition is the key.

  3. Thanks for sharing these tips! I have a one year old and we are thinking about starting potty training early and this will really help!


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