Adventures at Dragon*Con 2015 #BehindTheBlogger

My family and I went to Dragon*Con over Labor Day weekend. If you don't know what Dragon*Con is, it's the Southeast's largest sci-fi, fantasy, and gaming convention. This made my 10th year going. This was the first year that we got our own hotel room (didn't share with friends), brought the kids, and were able to go the whole weekend. It starts on Friday and ends on Monday, but most people get there on Thursday (like we did).

Thursday with Storm Troopers. Friday with The Pirate Fairy and Rapunzel.
I babywore a LOT. Thank goodness for my LILLEbaby. I got a lot of comments about it. Some just admired how cute he was, some said how hard it must be to bring kids to con, and then there were just random comments. I enjoyed it though. It was a great way to carry him around and he would get so excited when he saw me start putting the carrier on. It was really cute.

Yes, those are Star Wars suck pads. :D
Dragon*Con has changed a lot since we have had children.
I think this is the first year we have almost figured out our balance. I don't want to do too much partying, like we use to. But it would be nice to be able to go to some of the night events. I would have loved to go to Rocky Horror this year and see Barry Bostwick do the pre-show. There were also some panels that we thought the kids would like, but they didn't. My husband and I made an agreement that he could go out at night and I would stay with the kiddos. I actually came up with the idea, but I think it would have been cool to maybe offer someone a free place to crash in exchange for babysitting. Maybe next year. My mom said we should trade off, but I don't like to maneuver large crowds without the Hubby.

Saturday - Waiting on Parade, Joy from Inside Out, Pinkie Pie from MLP.

The parade was LONG. And it made us miss a puppet making event. It was a headache dealing with the large crowds. Many people showed up "late" (technically on time, but you have to get there early for good seats). And because they had kids, they wanted to push through to the front. We even had someone who wanted to sit with chairs directly in front of us. But we had to be those mean people and tell them no because our kids are 1 and 4, so they wouldn't be able to see plus we wanted to be able to sit on the sidewalk. But getting good seats and being able to see the whole thing (unlike last year) made it worth it.

Free for Review

I wore my Wolverine shirt that everyone LOVED!

On Sunday with R2-D2, Cinderella, and LEGO Green Lantern.
I know I don't want to stay in the Marriott next year. Not because it wasn't a good hotel because we actually enjoyed our stay as far as that goes. But it is one of the main hotels and considered the "party hotel" of con. It was the only place we could book a room at the time. It was extremely loud at night and our conjoining neighbors weren't very considerate. Which is fine, we just know we need to try harder to get into the Hyatt.

Hubby was Mongo on Friday, Mrs. Doubtfire on Saturday, & Old Biff from Back to the Future on Sunday.
Sunday we went to a dance party for all the kids. You had to have a child and a badge to enter. They had many of the Disney Princesses there. Including Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), Elsa (Frozen), Snow White, Ariel (The Little Mermaid), Tiana (Princess & the Frog), Belle (Beauty & the Beast), and Merida (Brave). I think that's where my daughter had the best of times through the whole weekend. I dressed my son up as Olaf and everyone loved it.

Being our first time going with kids, it was definitely a learning curve, but I can't wait until next year (already bought our 2016 badges). This post kind of sounds like I didn't have a fun time, but we really did. It was the best of times. It is really cool to see that all things geekdom are becoming main stream.


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  1. Lucky ya'll! I ended up working what we like to call the 'trifecta' at the Dome heading into that weekend. Glad you guys had fun and brought the kiddos with you. I commend ya'll! I only ever wish to bring my LO to the parade but I always need to be at work on the day of the parade. Loved how ya'll somehow balanced the entire event with them. I'll be in attendance one year. *crosses fingers*

  2. I'd never heard of Dragon*Con before, but that sounds like so much fun! :D I'm lovin' the Olaf and Elsa costumes! <3


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