Disney Cars 1st Birthday Party

My son turned ONE! I still can not believe it. I will share his one year update soon, but I wanted to share about his great party we had! I think this one was the best one yet! We did a Disney Cars 1st Birthday theme and had the movie playing in the background. Most of the decorations are from Oriental Trading, a few are from Amazon, and the rest were made. But it was super easy and everything looked so cute. We also didn't break the bank!

Disney Cars Birthday Party Ideas

I made all the food labels. Everyone thought they were so cute. My husband didn't know it was "a thing", but still loved it. And I even have a FREE printable for all of you! We had Chick Hicks Chicken Strips (self explanatory), Luigi's Casa Della Tires (chocolate donuts), Mater's Tow Cables (Twizzlers), Sally's Cozy Cones (Bugle's), and Eat Lightning McQueen's SMOKiEs {recipe}. The little smokies recipe is always a HUGE hit whenever my husband makes it. I was also running out of printer ink so I had to write in on that label.

Disney Cars Free Food Printables

And either everyone came hungry or they just LOVED our food! We also made Sweet Tea (motor oil) and had water for our guests (Filmore's Organic Fuel). You can click HERE and download some FREE printables! :D We also had a veggie platter, homemade guacamole dip {recipe}, and then of course cupcakes. I found the good2grow drinks with the Lightning McQueen toppers at BabiesRUs. Everywhere else was sold out!

Disney Pixar Cars Party Ideas

For little man's outfit, my mother-in-law has an embroidery machine, so we bought the applique for his Disney Cars 1st Birthday shirt from Etsy and then we just paired it with some black pants. He also had Lightning McQueen socks on that I got for a $1 at Target.
To decorate his high chair for his smash cake, I just decided to use crape paper cut in about 10 inch strips all the way around and then tied the balloon to the back. I made a banner with all of his monthly pictures I had taken through out the year (seen at the top of post).
Disney Pixar Cars Free Printables

 You can view a video of what I received from Oriental Trading and see what I bought HERE. But here is a list of some of the great deals you can score from Oriental Trading:
Disney Cars 1st Birthday Champ Molded Candle Set $2.08
Disney Cars 1st Birthday Champ Cups (8) $1.38
Disney's Cars 1st Birthday Champ Beverage Napkins (8) $1.38
Disney Cars 1st Birthday Thank You Cards (8) $2.28
Race Car Flag Picks
I wanted to make some killer games I saw on Pinterest for all the kids to play, but I ran out of time. I did send home goodie bags. The weather was amazing that day, so the kid played outside on our jumper and enjoyed other outdoor activities.
It was seriously the best party we have thrown to date! When I post his one year update, I will share more details about the party and more pictures from during the event. Please stay tuned!
Do you use Pinterest for your party planning? What did you think of our Disney Cars 1st Birthday bash? What do you think of Oriental Trading?
Thank you to Oriental Trading for providing products to help make my baby's day so special.


  1. What a super cute party! I always love to see the creativity of the food with the naming!

  2. Hi I love this! I'm planning a Cars themed party for my little one and came across your blog. I tried using the link for the printables but it's no longer there. Any chance you still have a soft copy?

    1. Thank you for letting me know. I have updated the post as I did actually delete them had to create new ones. So sorry for the inconvenience!


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