Happy 9 Months Old, Peanut!

No you can't be 9 months old. Time can't have flown that fast. It can't be your first Christmas this month already and time for me start planning your birthd... Nope...Not going to type it. Because then I have to accept it and I'm just not ready to.

You have SIX teeth! Two technically popped through the day after you officially turned 9 months old. That was your sissy's 4th birthday party, so we were busy and forgot a picture. Even though you are gaining a new tooth every day it seems, you are still nursing like a champ. Mommy has issues keeping up with your demand some days, but you take a bottle pretty well. You are learning not to bite mommy, but have since learn it's fun to pinch me. What's up with that?! You have figured out how to stand up on your knees and are obsessed with it. You still crawl like an inch worm though. You did pull up to a standing position one time trying to get ornaments that were sitting on a box.

You are still 25% on the charts and the doctor said you were doing great at your check-up! You didn't have to have any shots since you had already had your flu shot, thank goodness, because sissy had to have THREE at her 4 year old visit. I took you both, by myself, and have since learned that I will never do that again.

You are full on eating real food. I stocked up on baby food and had plans to make all this baby food for you, but you were only interested in it for the blink of an eye it seems. You aren't gaining weight as quickly now. I wish I would have known we were going to get to review a Safety 1st Car Seat, because I just would have let you stay in your carrier and get more use out of it instead of buying a convertible. I also would have got a booster and let your Sissy review it if I knew the shipping would have been delayed. But oh well.

I have started getting rid of things you have outgrown, these include items I have had since your sissy was a baby and it is VERY bittersweet. We need the space and that is nice, but still on a daily basis I go back and forth with daddy because we think you may be our last baby. We figure though if we do have another, babies really don't need as much as you think and hand-me-downs/consignment shops are awesome. Plus blogging has been such a blessing that have had the opportunity to review most of the baby items you used. I have finally figured out a groove with it plus it helps that you prefer sleeping in your crib these days. It's kind of sad, but good at the same time.

By the way, why does time seem to fly by so fast with your second baby?

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  1. Oh I hear you on time flying! It feels like yesterday when my 16 month old was born! I may have to look into that car seat giveaway....she is almost out of her infant seat (yes at 16 months) and the bigger car seats I had expired. :(


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