Happy 8 Months, Peanut!

I know I'm terrible. I haven't wrote a post updating everyone since he was 5 months old PLUS I didn't even take a 7 month picture because of vacation and illness. 

We went on vacation the during fall break at the beginning of October. You turned 7 months there and seriously were the most amazing baby. Your sister got sick at school the next week and then you got sick. Like fever and everything. So mommy has been way behind ever since.

Since then you have started crawling, eating REAL food, and gained FOUR teeth. Your first one broke through on bottom on October 21st, then the next day your other bottom tooth popped through. Within the last few days both of your top two have popped through giving you the cutest little gap (because of your lip tie) just like your sister.

You have been a hungry little booger and Mommy's supply is trying to keep up, but having difficulties. We found out you'll take formula the day before Halloween. I decided to make you cereal because you were fussy for food and you were more interested in the bottle, so I handed it to you and said, "Okay but you aren't going to like it". But you had to prove me wrong.

Your crawling is more like you are trying to be an inch worm of sorts. That was Nana's word and it fits you perfectly. I will get a video of it before you full on crawl...hopefully.

We are still working on getting you adjusted to your crib. You like the playard and would rather sleep there. Plus mommy likes you close still. Maybe because I know you will most likely be our last baby.

You are a very healthy baby. Everyone (including your doctor) tells me how big you are. Which is funny to me because you are in the same percentile as your sister was. 25%. Which just means she was healthy too and boys are HUGE! LOL You are impatient while nursing because it doesn't come out fast enough and have bit mommy a few times because of it.

You put EVERYTHING in your mouth. It's how you explore your world. This is new to me because your sissy wasn't like this and it's made me more aware of what isn't baby proofed. You definitely prefer your sister's toys.

You love your big sister and are infatuated with your cousins. And I can't wait for your newest little cousin due next month. You two are going to either love each other or hate each other.

Your babbling is adorable. You talk way more than your sissy. And that was most likely our fault. We used the pacifier way too much with her because she was a fuss bucket. But she is talking great now, so you have someone to play copy cat with.

You LOVE your mommy and it sounds like you are saying "mama" when you cry sometimes. Even daddy says so. :)

Happy 8 months, Peanut. Your family loves you!

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