Nanny to Mommy: Weekly Totals - Publix - Saved 89%!

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Monday, June 2, 2014

Weekly Totals - Publix - Saved 89%!

Kind of disappointed in myself on this trip. I was distracted at check out and they were out of some of the items I really wanted/needed. Plus my printer was having connection issues so I didn't get all of the high value coupons from before they were gone. So not my best after all that planning. :(

Anyways here is what I got. Please remember between the two stores I go they double coupons, do half price BOGO, & accept Target/Ingles/Kroger as competitors.

2 Fresh Express BOGO $3.99
= $2.99 or $1.50 each!

Whole Fruit Sorbet BOGO $3.49
- $0.50/1 from 5/4 RP, I think (doubled)
= $0.75

Wet Ones BOGO $2.69
- $0.50/1 from
- $0.50/1 Manu from Kroger mailer (doubled)
= $0.15 OVERAGE! :D

4 Libby Canned Veggies BOGO $1.19
- $1/4 PQ
= $1.38 or $0.35 EACH!

Pampers wipes $1.99
= $0.99

5 Hamburger Helper BOGO $1.59
= $1.02 OVERAGE!

4 Lipton Teas $1.29
- 4 $1/1 PQ best meals at home
= $0.84 OVERAGE!

3 South Beach Diet Bars BOGO $2.79
- 3 $2/1 ANY Product Mailed Qpon (ALWAYS email companies you like! HERE's a blog that gives you great tips on how to email companies & who to each week.)
***There is also a $1/1 on
= $1.80 OVERAGE! (should have been, but I bought 2 of the wrong ones.)

Enfagrow $5.99
- $2.99/1 from
- $5/1 Manu Check

OOP = $5.69 (including tax) - Should have been $1.31, including tax.
Saved = $46.25 (should have been more)
Percentage Saved = 89% (should have been more)

Going through my receipt I see I got the wrong SBD bars on sale and my Libby's coupon didn't come off because I think I got the wrong ones for it so I should have saved more. I was wondering why my total was so high. This is why you should get everything in order & not get distracted at check-out. I don't know if I'm going to bother going back. I'm just so bummed I didn't pay attention better.
:( Live & Learn, I guess. Although I should have known better. What would you do? Would you go back and get a refund with two kids in tow?


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  1. Great blog Diana. I'm going to send you an email this week about a baby topic I'm researching.


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