Everything But The Baby! Introducing The Baby Box Co.

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Have you heard of The Baby Box Co.? The Baby Box Co. is inspired by the 75 year old tradition in Finland. The state provides expectant mothers a box of essentials that are known as a “starter kit”. Research has shown that once the boxes were introduced in Finland, infant mortality rates plummeted. The Baby Box Co. has taken the concept of the “starter kit” box and brought it to the United States in a unique and exciting way! Baby Boxes are an essential tool that can make life easier for new moms! You get all the basics that you'll need delivered right to your door, so you don't have to stress. The boxes contain onesies, hats, bibs, pacifiers, swaddle blankets, baby shampoo/body wash, and more. They've spent countless hours researching what the best brands and products are for infants so that you don't have to!
The Baby Box Co.

The box itself is lined with a fitted mattress, so it can be used as a safe place for the baby to sleep, making it an excellent alternative to a bassinet. Some moms keep it next to their bed and have baby sleep there at night, while other moms like to use the box as a place for baby to rest and relax while mom is busy. One example would be to keep the box near the bathroom so you have a place to set your baby down while your getting ready in the morning.
The Baby Box Co.

Unlike a bassinet, once the baby has outgrown the box, it can be re-purposed as a toy box or storage box! How cool is that?!

Finally, Baby Boxes are a gift that gives back! They donate a portion of the proceeds to Children International, and they have a 1-for-1 program where they donate a box to a mom in need for every box sold!

I think these are such a neat idea and I wish I had heard of them when I was pregnant with Peanut. I think they make a GREAT baby shower gift for a new mom. And I know I would have LOVED to receive one for myself.

To see more information, check out www.TheBabyBoxCo.com.

What do you think of The Baby Box Co.? What brands would love to see in your box?

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