La Leche League Nursing Bra Giveaway, Ends 5/9

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Julie at Tales From A Southern Mom recently reviewed the La Leche League Intimates Nursing bra from Nursing Bra Express. Nursing Bra Express is a great place not only to find great products for mom and baby, but they also offer great nursing resources. If you are nursing or know someone who is this is a great place to start.
You can read the full review here: Nursing Bra Express
I love nursing my littles and having a good nursing bra is SO important! I grew 3 times my normal size and am still getting use to how large I have grown. What are some nursing you might have had? We had latching and supply issues when I was nursing SweetPea, so I'll take the need for a larger bra this time around!
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  1. Heather Underwood4/28/2014 10:41:00 AM

    I can't find one that is cute..

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  2. Ive had a hard time since I need something supportive and cute too

  3. Yes, I do. The one that was the most comfortable they don't sell anymore. I've been nursing babies for almost 17 years.

  4. When my son is born I hope I find enough good nursing bras, relatively easily.

  5. I definitely had a hard time finding a good nursing bra... part of that might have been that I was looking only at cheapies! I never really found one that felt great and still looked good under clothing.

  6. It was 28 years ago when I needed a nursing bra, and it was extremely difficult to find a functional nursing bra and it was very unattractive. I am so glad that my daughter has so many more choices than I did!

  7. I have found one that is comfy (4 yrs ago) but not pretty at all - guess i gotta go with comfy!

  8. I loved my old bras but they aren't pretty. :(

  9. Yes. I had a few with my first, and they were junk; the cups got weirdly malformed. I need to be a lot choosier with my selections with my new babe.

  10. I did have a hard time and ended up with a bunch of sports bras (basically) that don't hold up!

  11. I haven't found a good nursing bra yet! All mine are awful - would love to try one of these!

  12. Yes I do. I'm still looking :(


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