Bringing Home Baby: A New Series

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Hello everyone! I just thought I would let everyone know about this fun series I'm starting that will include a link up each week. I am 30 weeks pregnant with baby #2 (as of today) and so for 10 weeks I will be sharing info on some of the ups & downs that can come with bringing home a new little. This series will be fun if you're pregnant with your first, second, or if you just like to think ahead or reminisce. I can't wait to get started. Here are some of the discussions we have to look forward.

1. Preparing Your FurBaby
2. Preparing Nursery & Registering
3. Birth Plans
4. Making Time for Marriage - Happy Valentine's Day!
5. Packing for the Hospital & Car Seat Installation
6. Preparing an Older Sibling
7. Easy Freezer Meals
8. Preparing for Birth

If you are a blogger and interested in guest posting, I am currently looking for writers. Also the link-up will be baby themed, so any baby post will surely add to the fun!

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  1. I just had my second in August, so I am remembering things I forgot from 7 years ago! I also realized what I really needed and didn't need and what has really changed since then!


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