Bringing Home Baby: Preparing an Older Sibling

Bringing Home Baby: Preparing an Older Sibling

Wow. This pregnancy is going by so fast. I am 37 weeks pregnant today (full term) and tomorrow is the first day of the month I'm due! There are some great articles about how to prepare your older child for a new sibling. Some of my favorites are from fellow bloggers. I have been trying multiple techniques to prepare SweetPea. I want a non-medicated birth this time around, but my true fear is after the baby is here and how my big baby is going to react. Here are a few great reads that I have compiled since I have no experience with this one. :)

hello bee: Preparing for Sibling
Beauty Through Imperfection: 8 Ways to Help a Toddler Adjust to the New Baby
Dirt & Boogers: Preparing Toddlers for a New Baby - Books
JaMonkey: Talking to Your Kids About a New Baby

I love the idea of giving her a hospital gift bag from the baby at the hospital. So I decided to make SweetPea one. I found a ton of cute ideas online and took many from those I found on Pinterest. Here is what is in our bag:

Twigtale Personalized Storybook - Big Sister Lizzie {Review} Big Sister Shirt {Review of CafePress}
Nuby Squid Squirter {Nuby Reviews} - I received a shipment for being a Nuby Mommy blogger for the new baby, but wanted to make sure I got something for SweetPea too. This goes hand in hand with getting them a gift when the baby gets a gift so they don't feel left out at showers and such. PLUS, a bath toy for her Aunite's house since she doesn't have any!
Little Cosmetics Pretend Makeup {Review} - something to play with at Auntie's house
Work books, coloring book, and crayons for hospital
Flash cards for hospital
Kandoo Hand Wash - to wash those hands so many times!
Sidewalk Chalk - so she (again) has some toys to play with at Auntie's house.

How did you prepare your children for a new baby?

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  1. I just had my second child pn Jan 7th. My son is only 2.5 years old, so I too had similar worries. He had an idea that he was gonna have a sister but whether he understood fully, I have no idea. It did take him a few weeks of getting adjusted to not being the only attention getter in the house. But now he is a big helper and I can tell he truly loves her. Good luck on the birthing. And she will be a great big sis!


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