Easy Peasy {Sneaky} Chicken Spaghetti Recipe

I've told you once and I will tell you again, I don't cook, bake, or anything that resembles it if I can help it. But since I have to and am forced to feed the masses, i.e. Hubby and SweetPea, I have to manipulate easy ways to make decent food they will eat. And since SweetPea is going through a no veggie phase, I am having an even harder time finding stuff to make, that she will eat, but doesn't force me to have one of my infamous cooking disaster meltdowns.

And voila! Crock Pot Chicken Spaghetti it is! With some sneaky veggies thrown in for good measure.

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What You'll Need:
12 oz dry spaghetti, cooked {Save Now}
1 lb. velveeta light cheese {Save Now} -
I used two sauce packets from their shells and cheese dinners since I used the shells previously for home made macaroni (recipe coming soon)
1 lb chicken breasts - uncooked, cut and cubed
1 can cream of mushroom soup {Save Now}
1 can cream of chicken soup
2 cans Muir Glen tomato sauce
2 jars Beechnut stage 2 carrot purée or 8 oz. {Save Now} -
you could make your own or leave it out altogether.
1/2 c water
salt & pepper, to taste

Here's What You Do:
spray slow cooker with non-stick cooking spray

combine all ingredients in slow cooker and stir well

cook on LOW for 2-3 hours. stir again just before serving

Hubby said it was the BEST recipe I have tested out and made my own to date! He actually took his left overs to work! :)

This recipe was FEATURED on Circle of Moms, Family Recipes: 20 Best Slow Cooker Meals

I don't have a picture of the finished product...forgot. But I will get one soon!

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  1. This does sound super easy! Try having a child that rarely eats dinner at all. She's now 9! When she was 2-4 I'd tell myself one day when she gets bigger she'll do better. But it hasn't improved much yet.

    Thanks for linking up with my NO RULES Weekend Blog Party :)


  2. Ohhh i love my crock pot! This seems like it would be rather tasty. I know what i'm making for dinner next week. I found ya on the weekend blog hop. I hope you and the fam are having a great weekend.


  3. I do not have a crockpot but am getting one soon(yay!) this one looks good and can't wait to try it out in the new year with my new crockpot! I love chicken and pasta together so this sounds yummy to me!

    I started following you and found you on a blog hop. Follow back when you can!


  4. This recipe does sound good and especially nice when I can use my crock pot. I simply don't know how a person could live without a crock pot in their kitchen, as I use it constantly. My husband isn't too crazy about chicken, but he loves pasta, so I'll give it the ultimate test to see if it passes his inspection. Thanks for the review and recipe.

  5. Hello!
    I just started the Man Approved Mondays Recipe Party at www.manapproveddiet.com. It’s closed for this week, but I’d love it if you could stop by on Monday and bring a dish to share!

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  7. Oooh I loove the sneaky addition!! My son never touches veggies and sneaking them in has become my lifesaver!!


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