Nanny to Mommy: Weekly Totals: Publix - 96% Savings!

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Weekly Totals: Publix - 96% Savings!

I think I did pretty good even if I do say so myself! :) I wanted to get the Brach's candy but they were CLEANED out and it was only the second day of the sale! Also on the way home, there was a crazy car accident and this guy tried to run and people chased him down and beat him up then a person had to be pulled out of the car and put on a stretcher. We had to stop short to avoid missing it, that's how close we were. Crazy stuff and I hope everyone was okay.

Anyways, my dear friend took me to Publix and we took that babies. It was...interesting...

So here's what I got:

4 Chips Ahoy Cookies BOGO $2.99 - 4 $1/1 Stocking Spree Home Mailer - 2 $1/2 IP = FREE
Bananas 2.53lb @ $0.69/lb - $1 produce from Baby Club = $0.75
2 Huggies Pull-Ups $9.99 (reg price) - 2 FREE coupons from emailing companies (everyone can do this!) - 2 $2 off Publix from in-store ad = $4 overage! :)
4 Yoplait Kids Yogurts 4ct 2/$4 - 2 $2/2 from Better Meals Happen at Home email - 4 $0.35/1 8/5 GM insert doubled = $1.20 or $0.30 each or $0.08 a cup! :)
2 Aquafresh toothpastes 10/$10 - 2 $1 Target IPs = FREE
1 Armour Turkey Meatballs BOGO $4.99 = $2.50
Publix Whole Milk $2.99 - $1 dairy from Baby Club  = $1.99

Total before taxes = $2.42
Total savings = $52.71

Total percentage saved = 96% SAVINGS! That's crazy! :)

So how did you do?

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