Nanny to Mommy: Wednesday's Weekly Weigh-In: Week #2

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wednesday's Weekly Weigh-In: Week #2

So today I don't really have anything to report except I have been super stressed out and haven't made time for working out. I am stuck at limbo for another week. But the good news is my Wii Fit thinks I should be 20 instead of 26 which makes me a happy girl! So how is everyone else doing on their diets/workouts?

Dragon*Con is this weekend and maybe by next year I will finally get the outfit of my dreams. (Hubby and I each have a deal that when we get below 200 we can get something we really want as long as it's under $200.)

Please feel free to post your link to your blog, video, or picture of your weight loss journey and how you did this week. Thanks!

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