Motivational Monday, Week #1

"There are always gonna be a million reasons not to do something." 
- The Office: Boys and Girls

Stop making excuses. 

So for our first motivational Monday I thought I would get to the core of mine and I'm sure a number of other people's problem...we make 'reasons' why we can't do something.

You complain about never seeing your friends because you have a child or a new job or just 'life got in the way' (I use that one more than I would like to admit). You have to make time for the things that matter. So do it.

You need to lose weight but say I already wake up too early (to exercise), I can't afford a gym membership or work out equipment, I can't afford to eat healthy...there is always a reason. Always an excuse. But if you want something bad enough you have to make it happen.

I'm unhappy with my career but I'm scared to leave, it's the only thing I know, the job market is bad. Then stay at your job but actively look for another one.

Sometimes you have to work for what you want. Sometimes you have to do stuff you don't want to do, so you can get to where you want. That's called life.

But if you keep making excuses, you will never be happy.

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