Nanny to Mommy: Shopping for Baby Today

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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Shopping for Baby Today

So luckily, we didn't have to make anymore shopping trips until BLACK FRIDAY! :D But I did go pick up a few things today for my LO.


1 Box Pampers Baby Dry 112 ct $25.99 - $10 off manu (these coupons I got because I messaged Pampers) and $5 off store
1 Huggies Jumbo Pack Snug & Dry 36 ct $10.99 (needed) - $2 off store and $2 off manu
1 Huggies wipes natural Care 72ct $2.49 - FREE WYB Huggies diapers and $0.75 off manu
2 Dr. Pepper 2L $1.79 - BOGO store coupon (originally for Dr Pepper 10 but since my store didn't have them they let me get the regular, which is awesome because I have no idea what the 10 tastes like. BTW these are for LO's bday party - that's how they are for her lol)

I don't have picture of my order because I forgot to take one but here is a picture of my receipt:

Total OOP: $21.33, Saved: $23.99 53% Savings!


3 Little Fevers by Little Remedies $6.99 (needed) - used $1 store (from Winter Booklet - took off $3) and 3 $1 Manu printable (no longer available)

PLUS received $5 unexpected Register Rewards! :D I might go back and get more! :)

(I just realized I got the children and not the baby one so I hope they will let me exchange them)

Pretty good trip today! :D


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