Nanny to Mommy: Publix and Walgreens Trip 11/10/11 - 65% Savings!

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Publix and Walgreens Trip 11/10/11 - 65% Savings!


6 Ore-Ida Tater Tots - $3.55 - 2 store B2G1, 2 Manu B2G1 (thank you for the coupons!)

1 Gallon Milk - $3.19 (it's ridiculous that this is a good price for milk!)

2 Edge Shaving gel - 2/$4 - no coupons but needed

2 Skintimate Shaving gel - 2/$4 - no coupons but needed

4 Texas Bread Sticks - 50% off ($1.29 each) - 4 $0.40 off doubled

3 Stouffers Family Size Lasgna - $3.99 (normally almost $8!) - 3 $1 off coupon

3 Brawny paper towels - Rain check to make them $1.50 (down from $1.99) - 3 $.050 off coupons doubled

2 Philadelphia cooking cream - 2 $1 target (competitior) and 2 $1 off manu

5 Idahoan Instant Potatoes BOGO $1.33 - 1 free, 1 $1 off, 1 $0.75/3

2 Ricola cough drops - BOGO $1.79 - 2 $1 off

2 Tennessee Pride 12 ct sausage biscuits - $4.99 (terrbile price and I had a terrible coupon - $1/2 - but my husband wanted them and they are so he can bring his breakfast to work instead of buying it so it makes money in the long run. And of course when I got home there was a $0.75 off one and $1 off the Dairy department from Kroger. O well.)

$5 off $50 Kroger (competitor) coupon

$3 off $30 Publix coupon

OOP: $34.70

Total Saved: $64.60


4 216 count Huggies baby wipes - $4.99 - Used $2 off Store coupon (Infant Care booklet - Thank you to the Momma who sent it to me!), took off $8, then 4 $0.40 off manu. made them $0.01 per wipe or $0.75 per pack. GREAT DEAL! Plus I picked up my FREE photos! :D

Pretty proud of this trip even if I did buy things I didn't have coupons for and didn't plan on buying. Plus I got a LOT of stuff that we have had to go without that we use to buy because we couldn't afford (i.e. the stouffers lasagnas and tater tots). How many of you have gone without because it wasn't on a good deal/didn't have good coupons for an item you really like? My family will always have food on their plate, a roof over their heads, and clothes on their backs but sometimes will go without the extras. That's called survival.,, and helped me plan this trip! :D

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