Nanny to Mommy: My Most Popular Shopping Trip - 79% Savings

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Friday, November 11, 2011

My Most Popular Shopping Trip - 79% Savings

So I haven't posted this here but I thought I would because I posted it on cafemom and mom365's couponing groups and it seems to be very popular. I guess because I paid less than the box of diapers and got more than a box of diapers. :)

October 20, 2011:

for OOP $21.11!!!!

Here's how I did it:

Publix -

Skippy Peanut Butter $1.99 - I had 4 $1 store coupons (I stocked up because the price of peanut butter is going up and we eat it ALL the time)

Honey Nut Cheerio $1.99 - I had one $1 off 2 and one $0.75 off one (we eat this ALL the time too)

Pampers Diapers $29.99 (terrible price) - I had a $10 off coupon P&G sent me when I had issues with some diapers and their tabs ripping off, plus a $5 off store coupon

Pampers wipes $6.71 - FREE WYB Pampers Cruisers in store ad coupon

Covergirl Blushes $3.56 - I had 4 $8/2 Covergirl Face products

DiGorno Cheese BOGO at $4.79 - 2 $2 off any DiGorno product from their facebook plus $1 off competitior coupon

Walgreens -

Cotonelle is on sale for $5 they have an $1 off in their new October booklet. I had bought two packs the day before and received a $3 off catalina (I had a $0.75 off and $3 off any Kimberly-Clark product that day). I used the store, catalina, and another $0.75 off coupon so I only paid $0.60 for one. :D

I'm so excited because I can use everything I purchased from P&G to get a $40 valued Bake ware set with a mail-in rebate (that's why I bought the blushes)! :D

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