Sweet Pea's First Vacation

Florida Bound!
We left later than intended because Hubby's Nanny (my MIL's mom) fell and was in the hospital because she broke her hip. We went and visited with her before we set out just to make sure she would be okay if we left. Sweet Pea was a trooper and did amazing!

Day 2:
We spent the whole day at the beach! This day was September 11. It was a beautiful day. Sweet Pea didn't care for the water or the sand. Well, she didn't know quite what to think about the sand. My MIL insisted I go up to the room to nurse. I feel like everyone wants if to be inconvenient for me so I will stop. :/

That night in Panama City we went to visit this pier that is across the street from Pier Park. Poor Sweet Pea was so tired.

Day 3:
We went to the beach and then went and raced go karts that night.


I finally got to nurse on the beach because my MIL went shopping. The boys didn't even notice! And it was very liberating. :D

Day 5:
We went to Pineapple Willy's for Dinner.

Some Random Pics, Just Because! :D

Sophie even had a blast at the Beach! :D

SweetPea's first sand castle! :D

Coming Home! It's a little Peanut on a big Peanut! :D

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