Nanny to Mommy: Infantino SlingRider & CozyRider Carrier Review

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Infantino SlingRider & CozyRider Carrier Review


I asked for this when in registered. My boss had one and I wore her daughter around when we went to [a bounce house place]. I loved it for just walking around. But I needed it for doing chores around the house. I tried pulling the straps up where she would closer so nursing would be easier but then I felt like she was being smushed.

The other issue I had that although it was suppose to be breathable, Sweet Pea would sweat a ridiculous amount even just in a onesie. NOT a fan of this carrier and I don't feel like I can recommend it.

In doing this review I found out about a recall back in March 2010. Which is scary enough in itself. I received this as a gift from my sister-in-law but she bought it at a consignment store so who knows if mine was a recalled one or not. I would hope not though. It was brand new in the box.


Ugh. I actually bought this one. We were going to Stone Mountain and I wanted a carrier so she could be held like she wanted but not be so heavy on my back.

In the image here it shows the legs at a wide stance but I felt like this carrier gave Sweet Pea a wedgie. And it put a lot of the weight on my shoulders still instead of all over feel. It also was nearly impossible to put her in there by myself. I went grocery shopping and decided to use this carrier but I almost never got her in and then she again was uncomfortable because I was. I wouldn't recommend this carrier either. In the picture we are at the lake again later. As you can see, she is not very comfy.

Does anyone have a good carrier that they would recommend?

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