Seven Slings Carrier Review

All over the web, I saw this product advertised. I even saw other bloggers say how much they loved these carriers and that they were such fine quality. The deal was you submit a code and get a free carrier and then just pay shipping and handling.

Shipping and handling was around $12 and although that would have been a great price for a carrier in general, this carrier was seriously just a piece of fabric with instructions for how to fold the fabric different ways to make different types of slings depending how old your child is.

I can not recommend this product as I feel like for the price that would normally be charged to buyers without the promo code ($39.95 or $43.45 if you get the size exchange insurance which you WOULD need), this product should be more than just a piece of fabric.

I did not feel any relief for my back, you are still holding your child and can not truly be hands free, my daughter HATED it even if she looks happy here (notice she has her pacifier in), I was uncomfortable and so was she, and it was nearly impossible to put her in it without someone there to help me. The whole reason I wanted a carrier was so someone could hold my very clingy baby while I did laundry.

I would recommend getting a different carrier if you want hands free mobility. I unfortunately can not recommend this carrier.

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  1. AMEN!! I hated my seven slings carrier. I regreted even paying for shipping. It was only comfortable when Madison weighed 8 lbs!

    Thanks for linking up,
    The Mrs
    Host of Mommy Moments Blog Hop

  2. This is so much like the sling I had and that is probably why I didn't like mine another, because it was literally like long piece of fabric that you had to figure out how to wear. Always afraid the baby wasn't secure or safe. Thanks seriously for linking up with us!! :)

  3. I liked my 7 slings carrier for months 2-7. When Little Baby was about 10-13 pounds. Besides that, it sucked butt. I sometimes wonder about the size...maybe if I had a larger size, but then I looked at the sizing guide and it appeared it would have been WAY too big! Any how, I'm glad I didn't pay full price for it!

    Thanks for linking up with the Mommy Blog Hoppers this month! We hope to see you back!

  4. I've always wondered about this product! I see these ads all the time and I think to myself, is it worth the expensive shipping. Now I know! Stopping by from MHB - just linked up!


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