Future Cutting Edge Jobs for the Younger Generations

It feels like kids are always getting smarter. Keeping up with computers is hard enough if you are of a certain age. And there are still some people who struggle with switching on a computer or using apps. And surprisingly, just over 30% of people aged 16 to 29 don’t have work-related computer skills. If you think that’s hard, take a look at these future cutting-edge jobs.

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence
One of the most intriguing developments in science and technology over the past few years is how fast artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics are moving. All establishments, from private Christian schools to top-tier tech universities, are making AI and robotics a priority. And most schools teach programming as standard these days. This is, of course, to ensure our kids have the right skills to cope and find jobs in an increasingly technological workplace and society.

Quantum Computing Technicians
It isn’t a new concept. But quantum computing still hasn’t arrived on the mainstream scene. And this is largely due to its complexity. However, a breakthrough is nearly here. And when it happens, AI, AR and VR, and blockchain technologies will be enhanced significantly. And this will require specialist engineers. Of course, the power of quantum computing is also so far ahead and fast that it will require specialists to tackle new, more advanced cyber threats.

Future Cutting Edge Jobs Includes Life Extension
The average lifespan is around 75 years old today. There’s nothing we can do about aging, and we will all die. But great leaps are being made in advanced DNA technology by geneticists and other life sciences. Using people from many different professions, life extension is becoming a real thing as we learn more about how it works. Additionally, technologies such as 3D printed organs, freezing our bodies and brains, and nanotechnology are advancing all the time.

Smart Home Design and Architecture
You probably have something in your home that could be considered smart and don’t even realize it. Today, however, most of these are smaller items or something to provide entertainment. Examples include coffee machines, lighting, and sound systems. But a smart home of the future will be a living entity in its own right. Integrating with AI and other technologies, entire buildings will be designed with smart features built-in to control everything.

AR and VR Specialists
The uses for augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are almost endless. From entertainment to safety training and even practicing medical procedures, these techs are increasingly useful. But these need to be designed and programmed. As such, there is a growing demand for AR and VR designers alongside the development of these two major industries, which are still in their infancy. And even now, sit among some of the most impressive.

Schools all over the world are preparing our kids for future cutting-edge jobs. This is vital because the world is making rapid progress toward things that will shape the future. These include robotics and AI, life extension, and designers for augmented and virtual reality tech.

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