6 Pet Product Freebies Your Customers Will Love

If there’s one subset of your business demographic that you should reach out to soon, it’s your customers who are also pet owners. According to the latest numbers shared by Yahoo! Finance, there are about 69 million households with dogs and more than 45 million households with cats in the United States alone. These numbers are worth noting because, for many of your customers, pet ownership may be an integral part of their identity. Pet parenthood may shape the way they see the world—and ultimately, how they interact with your brand.

6 Pet Product Freebies Your Customers Will Love

One way that you can tap into this sector of your audience, and broker lasting customer relationships as a result, is to include pet products among your freebie offerings. Freebies are a relatively inexpensive and risk-free way to connect with your customers, who could then end up engaging with your business even further. Your pet parent customers will come away with items that will be greatly useful in their lives with their pets, and in exchange, you’ll gain buzz and a host of favorable impressions for your company.

Pet product freebies like personalized dog collars, bandanas, and toys are sure to be a hit with your customers. Consider giving any of these away at events like pet shows and trade fairs, or offer them as rewards for joining a promotional campaign or subscribing to your business’s newsletter.

Custom Pet Treats

Critters like cats and dogs love treats—and so do pet owners who appreciate having another source of them beyond their usual pet stores. You can definitely impress pet parents and their fur children with free branded treats, some of which can come in the shape of your brand’s logo. If pets also take a liking to your custom treats, these freebies may even turn into a new income stream for your business.

Branded Pet Toys

Is your business known for an iconic dish or drink, or do you have a brand mascot who’d be even more endearing in a plush, pint-sized form? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, you could put a fun spin on your brand story by giving away free branded pet toys. Pet owners will be grateful to have another means of entertaining their pets, not to mention a new prop for an adorable photo op.

Custom Pet Collars

For pet owners, there’s no such thing as “too many” for essential utilities like collars. Free nylon or martingale-style collars may end up being regularly used by pets and their owners, especially if they come in appealing colors and designs. Even if your free custom collar won’t end up being their pet’s main collar, they’ll appreciate having a backup if the latter gets lost or succumbs to wear and tear.

Branded Pet Bandanas

Another rather useful freebie that’ll prove to be a hit among your pet parent customers is a pet bandana. Bandanas can serve as more than eye-catching adornments for dogs or cats; wearing them may also make a pet easier to identify in situations where they need to be extra visible, like when they’re near the road.

Give these items away for free and let your pet owner customers enjoy a wide range of applications for a pet bandana. It can be used, for example, to keep a pet warm in cold weather. When soaked in water, a bandana can also help a pet stay cool in hot weather.

Collapsible Silicone Water or Food Bowls

Now that pet parents are traveling more often with their fur children, pet travel items are in great demand. For this reason, releasing pet travel freebies like collapsible silicone food or water bowls will put you in excellent standing with pet parents.

It makes even more sense to do so if your business operates in the lifestyle and travel niche. If your pet owner customers can envision a place for your brand in their adventures with their pets, they might end up becoming loyal patrons of your products or services.

Pet-Themed Stickers

Sticker-happy pet owners or animal lovers in your target market will love the opportunity to show off cute, brightly colored, or witty pet-themed stickers that call back to your brand. Giving away free pet- themed stickers can also make it easier for your company to spread key messages that intersect with pet parents’ interests.

Many pet parents feel strongly about safeguarding the environment and living healthy, happy, and holistic lifestyles, for example. If your brand stands for these values as well, you can design pet-themed stickers that incorporate these messages. Pet parents can then plaster them onto their cars, laptops, or just about any surface that can accommodate a sticker.

Whichever of these freebies you decide to roll out, remember to get the pulse on your pet parent customers, to aim for the highest possible quality for the best value, and to get creative about marketing your brand using pet products as tools. That approach should get your customers excited not only about your freebies, but also about the products and services your business regularly offers.

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