How Your Baby's Name Can Influence Their Personality: A Guide to Naming Your Baby

Exploring baby names for their newborn? Find out how your baby’s name can possibly affect their future personalities, and much more.

Here’s the big question - can your baby’s name influence their personality? There is no simple and practical answer to it, and most importantly it’s challenging to draw any conclusions from their names about their future personalities. There are a lot of factors that go into the formation of a baby's future personality. It’s safe to say that there’s so strong evidence that proves any significant relationship between your baby’s name and personality. However, it can contribute in certain ways, which we’ll discuss in this article. Scroll down to read.

The Concept of Baby Names and Personalities

Some people firmly believe that the name you choose for your child will have an impact on how they shape themselves in life. Some also feel that names that are loved by kids turn out to be more confident and better adjusted.

Some scientific studies suggest that kids develop a liking for the initials of their names, despite what they actually are. It’s referred to as “implicit egotism,” which means that they are naturally more driven toward things that are somehow related to their initials.

Moreover, liking their own name plays a huge role in establishing their self- esteem. Kids who have been told that their names are nice or unique become more confident human beings. However, there’s little or no scientific proof of how it makes a difference. Simply put, if they like their names, it’ll boost their confidence, and improve their overall well-being in the long run.

Now coming to the meanings of their names, this is pretty straightforward. If your child's name is associated with strength, power, etc., they’ll grow up to believe they are strong and powerful. Similarly, if your baby’s name means calm, it will impact their personalities too. But there’s no guarantee that they will develop personalities according to the meanings of their names.

A child’s personality can be influenced by various factors, other than their names, such as family values, home environment, parents’ personalities, culture, religion, and much more. But you can often weave those things into their name as well.

For instance, if you look up online, you can discover religion-inspired, ethnicity-inspired, or specifically Irish-inspired names for boys and girls to get ideas.

Remember their names will be used to call them for the rest of their lives, so it’s important to choose a name that they’ll love.

We have selected three different categories of names that may impact their personalities.

1. Old-Fashioned Names

Yes, “vintage” names are finally making a comeback. Traditional names don’t have to be boring by any means. Exploring old-fashioned names is completely safe. But remember - you need to pick something that has a nice meaning and is not associated with anything negative or becomes an issue in school. Keep in mind, that kids can be mean to their friends about names. So, it’s very important for parents to choose names that will be a topic for being bullied in school.

A name that’s easily mispronounced can also have negative impacts on a child’s life. Names like Emma, Amelia, Lily, Lillian, and Jacob are all examples of old-fashioned names that are always in style, and in fact, they are becoming more popular these days.

Names such as Ava, Elizabeth, Noah, and Oliver are great examples of safe traditional names too. When you select your baby’s first name, make sure it fits nicely with their last names. Try to say and write out the full name to get a feel for the sound; for instance, if your baby's name will be Elizabeth Anschutz, spend some time saying it aloud and writing out the name and initials to see how it feels. It shouldn't be awkward in any way or have obvious connotations that are funny or weird. Say it aloud as many times as you want. Look up the meanings too.

2. Uncommon Names

Offbeat names are also becoming more popular among millennial parents. If you have observed, many celebrity couples combine syllables from each of their names to come up with a name for their babies.

We feel that these names are somehow quite risky. If the sound of the name is not appealing, it may lead to negative feelings in your child too.

Well, honestly, parents earlier wanted to name their kids to help them integrate well with their peers down the line. But these days, parents are more inclined towards wanting their children to stand out for their names.

If you want your child to be spotlighted (obviously in a good way), you could opt for unique names such as Axel, Genesis, Zayd, Tristan, Genelia, Zafira, etc. You could also derive a name from your cultural background or religious background that has a strong meaning to it to keep your child close to their family history and origin.

3. Trendy Names

There are trendy names derived from famous people, such as Bella from Bella Hadid, or Lennon from John Lennon. Marylin is also an ever-green name that has a lot of character to the name itself. However, it’s important to determine why you are choosing certain names for your babies. Naming your child after celebrities or following a trend that’s circulating on social media is often not a good enough reason for selecting names. These reasons are very temporary and can often have no value when your child grows up.

There are names such as June, April, May, etc. that are considered to be trendy names too. Well, the reasons for parents to name their babies after months is probably because they got married or met each other during that month. Some people choose the month of conception too.

These children are usually brought up with reminders of how their parents met, and every time they are asked why their parents chose their name, they take pride in explaining their parent’s love story. Somehow, this has been linked to children becoming more compassionate, kind, and warm human beings.

Children who are named after their grandparents are also known to have strong relationships with their family members when they grow up. So, if you want your children to be more devoted to the family, you should consider naming them after an ancestor.


It’s not unusual for parents to spend and invest a lot of time in deciding a perfect name for their newborn. Names are extremely personal, and they play a significant role in the formation of our personalities and identity.

If you want your children to have a strong sense of their origin, and family history, and belong to a community, make sure you choose a baby name that serves the purpose.

If you want your child to be unique, seek an uncommon name with a beautiful meaning. But no matter what name you end up choosing, always take the time to remind them of how beautiful and perfect they are!

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