Top Tips For Choosing A Baby Name

Choosing a name for your baby is an important choice. The responsibility of naming a person can be scary, as your child will carry it for life. You might already know what you want in a name, but your partner and family might have their own ideas too. Here are some top tips to help you choose.

Top Tips For Choosing A Baby Name

Whether you turn to a baby name generator or choose a vintage name from the family, there are few things to take into account before you make your name choice official. Make sure you have though about all these things before you decide.

1. Write out the initials. Double check that you aren’t giving your child initials that spell out something rude or odd, such as Amelia Sarah Smith, or Charles Oscar Walters.

2. Think about possible nicknames. What nicknames could people give your child from their name? Make sure you like the options, as you can’t prevent your child from choosing one you hate. Make sure they all sound ok with your surname too.

3. Consider sibling names. Some people like to name their children with names that sound good together or that start with the same letter. If you already have children, how does the baby’s name work with theirs?

4. Be aware of meanings. Some countries have laws that prevent parents from naming a child something that is seen as a historical problem. Research before you choose!

5. Think about uniqueness. Unique names can be creative and fun, but if it’s too unique it could be hard to spell or pronounce, which is irritating to live with. Will your child have to repeat or spell their name all the time?

6. Check for multiple spellings. You might not be sure yet of a specific name, but changing the spelling a little bit can make all the difference. How the name is spelled can also make a big difference to how easy or hard it is for your child to tell people their name or spell it themselves.

7. Check for similar names. A similar name could help you to strengthen your case for a name that you really love or make that a more unusual name seem more acceptable to your family. It can also solve a problem with initials, nicknames, or meaning too.

8. Add some diversity. If you aren’t sure about giving your baby a very unique name or a very traditional name, you can balance it with their middle name. Choose a conventional first name and a unique middle name, or the other way round.

9. Don’t be afraid to break tradition. Some last names have become popular first names, and some boy’s names are becoming more common for girls. Experiment and see what sounds good to your ear.

10. Remember that geography can matter. You might love a geographically bound name, such as of a place or a local celebrity. Remember that this kind of name can be viewed very differently somewhere else. What happens if your child moves away when they grow up?

At the end of day, it's your child. But if you want to change their name after they are born, there are no rules saying you can't.


  1. These are clever ideas. My brother and I both have unique middle names.

  2. It's important! You're right! Watch out for the initials! I almost gave my daughter a middle name that would have made for awful initials! Sometimes we tend to overlook that.


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