5 Things to Check Off Your Summer 2022 Camping List

5 Things to Check Off Your Summer 2022 Camping List

You love the great outdoors like everyone else. And you may spend some time in the wild each year. But your Summer 2022 camping list might be slightly different from ten years ago.

Comfy Clothing for All Weather

The rest of the list is modernized. However, one thing always remains the same. And that's the importance of comfortable clothing. You need clothes that hold up to all weather and any activities from head to toe and everything underneath. T-shirts are good all-rounders, and you look and feel great with an awesome t-shirt bra available here. Further, consider some stretchy leggings made from sustainable waterproof materials. And finally, never go camping or do outdoor activities without the proper footwear. Rugged trainers and hiking boots are best.

A Spare Smartphone

You might be camping to get away from the modern world. But that doesn't mean the modern world can be a big help. Even if you want to get away, you will likely take your phone with you. But anything can happen, and your phone might die. So, take a pre-prepared smartphone with you. Buy a cheap one that's good enough to run modern apps like Google Maps and load it with some data in case you need it. Then fully charge it and switch it off. Put this spare phone in your first aid kit or emergency bag and forget about it until you (hopefully) don't need it.

Include Pet Carriers in Your Summer 2022 Camping List

It's hard to find someone who doesn't love cats and dogs. And it's becoming more popular to take your furry friends on vacation with you. Almost 40% of Americans travel with their pets. But the little critters can be unruly and might get up to all kinds of things. And then some can't sit still in the car. So don't forget your pet supplies. Mainly your pet carriers so they have somewhere secure to stay. The last thing you want is your dog chasing a squirrel into the woods, then spending six hours trying to find them. And don't forget the biodegradable poop bags.

Get New and Eco-Friendly Tents and Sleeping Bags

If you have been camping for years, you probably need a new tent and sleeping bags. Unfortunately, they get ripped and damaged by the weather, and the kids grow out of them. If it's time to replace your camping gear, then consider eco-friendly tents and bags. Tent manufacturers like Bergans offer tents made from repurposed polyester. And many sleeping bag manufacturers now make their bags with feathers from humanely raised birds. Making small changes like this helps you become a more responsible camper and minimizes your impact.

Biodegradable Food and Waste Containers

Further to eco-friendly gear, always use biodegradables when you can. Plastic containers and accessories can take hundreds of years to decompose. They can pollute the solid during that time, and animals can eat them, causing illnesses. These reasons alone make a case for biodegradable stuff. In addition, you can get things like food containers, cutlery, and waste bags at a low cost. They typically don't cost any more than plastics. So, there's no excuse for not using them. Additionally, eco-friendliness itself is one of the biggest camping trends of this year.


Here are a few things you should check when camping this year. First, of course, make sure you have comfy clothes and a spare phone. But consider an eco-friendly approach to your activities.

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