Why Children Should Have a Dog

Why Children Should Have a Dog

Dogs are not everyone’s preferred pets; they need a lot of looking after, and they can be expensive too. Plus, they can cause damage around the home. However, if you treat a dog right and care for them properly, they should be very well behaved, and they won’t be so hard to handle. They also make amazing pets for children; here are some reasons why a child should have a dog.

Dogs Make Great Friends

If your child ever wants a good friend who is never going to say or do anything hurtful (even by accident) and will never find someone else to be friends with, they should have a dog. A dog is the ideal companion, especially if your child has no siblings or tends to keep to themselves a lot. Should you consider getting one, there's a list of the best puppies for your kids. Your child can play with their dog when they get home from school, and their games will never be put off just because it’s raining or because someone has to go home for dinner. A dog and a kid can play together for hours at a time, preventing loneliness and even depression in some cases.

Dogs Keep You Healthy

Studies have shown that if you own a dog, you will usually be healthier than someone who doesn’t. This is because dogs need a lot of exercise, so a dog owner will need to take them out and join in with that exercise. This is ideal for children who love to run around and have fun; they can do that with their dog, and it helps both of them stay fit and healthy (and away from their mobile devices for a while too).

On top of this, having a dog can help your child obtain a stronger immune system so they won’t pick up all the bugs and illnesses that their non-dog-owning classmates might.

Dogs Make Your Responsible

Whether it’s remembering to take a poop scooper with you on a long walk or feeding your dog and changing its water, there are lots of responsibilities that come with owning a dog. It’s good for children to understand that there are things in life that they must do even if they don’t really want to as long as it is important and will make them into good adults. Their dog is going to be able to teach them plenty of things, and that’s a great way to start introducing responsibility – and consequences – to children.

Dogs Assist with Emotional and Behavioral Development

Children can sometimes have a hard time when it comes to processing their emotions; if it’s confusing for adults, just think how children must feel. This is why sometimes a child might have behavioral issues, and they can lash out in anger. Or perhaps they have autism and need autism therapy. A dog can help with this issue, keeping the child much calmer than they might otherwise be and enabling them to process their emotions properly. Therefore, a hyperactive child might be able to have some moments of peace, for example, which can make a huge difference to their schoolwork and their home life.

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