5 Vital Considerations when Homeschooling and Working

Working from home and homeschooling have always been choices for many people. Yet thanks to Covid lockdown restrictions, they are more popular than ever. For example, a survey in the UK found that 87% of parents stated they had homeschooled at least one of their children during the lockdown. Additionally, the sharp rise in working from home has led to the phenomenon now known as the hybrid office.

5 Vital Considerations when Homeschooling and Working

However, office and school environments are very carefully planned to accommodate long-term tasks and study. As a result, you may not be working in an optimal environment. Therefore, there are some things you might need to consider to avoid injury.

Suitable Desks

As you get through the day, your desk is your most helpful tool. It provides the space you need for reading and writing. It also ensures you are comfortable when sitting. Yet, the size of a desk is often overlooked. If you constantly study or work on a cramped surface, you will undoubtedly succumb to musculoskeletal injuries. Injuries can be avoided with adjustable frames and enough surface area. Standing devices like Omnidesk are also becoming popular in commercial offices and shared work environments.

Adjustable Chairs

Further to working at a suitable desk, the importance of an adjustable chair cannot be understated. A fixed chair and desk can lead to serious long-term issues caused by a repetitive strain injury. RSI became widely known in the 1980s and into the 90s because of the boom in office workers. Since then, the study of ergonomics has improved modern office seating dramatically. You can all but eradicate the chance of strain with a height-adjustable chair. Sit with your feet flat on the floor and your knees at a right angle.

Working Internet Connection

The Covid-19 pandemic caused massive disruption to the ability of people to go to work. Fortunately, the internet pretty much saved the day for millions of people. Programs like Skype enable real-time communication, while collaborative cloud apps facilitate an office environment from anywhere. From an educational point of view, Google and other search engines make it possible for study and research. At the same time, specific teaching platforms like Blackboard provide a stable virtual learning environment.

Adequate Storage

In the modern sense of the word, storage refers to physical and digital information. And they are both relevant for learning and work. Physical storage mediums such as files and folders are vital for keeping track of progression, copies of essential documents, and school work. Digitally, storage such as USB sticks, cloud servers, and ROM discs allow a similar type of safekeeping. It is best used as an accompaniment to the physical or where real-world space is limited.

Lighting and Ventilation

You might not be aware of it, but your environment’s ambiance plays an essential role in your ability to function correctly. Lighting is chief among these. Inadequate lighting puts unnecessary strain on the eyes. Eye strain can contribute to macular degeneration over time. Additionally, blue light from too much screen time causes blurred vision and sleep disruption. You can reduce the effects of blue light by sitting away from a screen in a brightly lit room. In addition, you can install blue light covers over screens or wear special glasses.

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