The Journey To Motherhood, How Things Are About To Change

Trying for a child is one of those processes that pulls your emotions all over the place. Yes, there is the excitement of hoping to bring a new life into the world, always a positive feeling. But with trying, of course, comes the fear of failure. Add into the mix the anticipation, frustration, doubt and love that you'll be feeling, and it is a very strange and wonderful mix. This isn't enough to stop us trying, of course, but it helps to be ready.

One thing that needs to be said about trying for a baby is that it's not easy and although there is a lot of information and a lot of assistance out there, you may still find that it's not your first time lucky. It may not be the second time either. You just need to keep up hope that it will be one of these times. Persistence may be necessary. After all, it's not like the process is all bad, is it?One thing that needs to be borne in mind as you prepare to bring a new life into the world is that you can't have too much help. You may feel like you're getting too much advice but the more advice the better, you will soon find your feet and work out what is best for you. You will be swamped full of questions in your mind such as will my baby need special bedding, how much cold baby formula will be needed and many things will go round in your mind.

Eating Right Does Make A Difference

Sometimes claims are made for diets that people really have no business making. Listen to enough people with enough diet tips and you could believe that this berry will cure cancer, or that bread will make you smarter. But the truth is that diet does play a part in health, on every level, for good or bad. And if you're trying to get pregnant, beans and leafy greens will help. Don't worry, so will ice cream!

Taking Supplements Can Fill In Gaps

Preparing your body for anything you want to make it do is about making sure you have every tool at your disposal. Some of us can get what we need from diet alone. Some of us readily produce, naturally, what is required. Sometimes we need supplementary assistance. If you fall into that bracket, then there are useful supplements. One example is D-chiro Inositol, which promotes improved fertility and oocyte quality. This is essential for balancing up the roadblock that circumstance has thrown in your way. Keeping fit will be good also.

A Positive Attitude Will Assist

You'll probably get sick of people telling you that you just need to stay positive. Not least because if all it took was positive thinking, we'd all get lucky the first time. You'll need more than a positive attitude, but it does help. You'll reduce stress and with it all of the tangible health issues that it causes. This will make your body more ready to create and nourish a new life. Getting pregnant is not going to be easy, and there are bumps along the road, but what you get at the end of it is worth the wait and the worry. Just make sure that you keep a focus on your own well-being, and what will be will be.


  1. I'm not a mother. I have watched many family and friends become mothers and it definitely changes their lives! And, it is a permanent least for 18 years or so, lol.

  2. I have always wanted to be a mom. Not as young as I did, but every baby is a blessing and who am I to reject a blessing from God. Every pregnancy brought different feelings and hormones. That’s why I thought, one pregnancy was a girl and then another one was a boy.? Vitamins did help me and of course, rest and eating the right foods, because boy, can I get uncomfortable and gassy. I read the cold baby formula article. I disagree with this totally. After I was through breast feeding, I started backing bottles of cold formula in my diaper bag. Sometimes there was nowhere I could warm up my baby’s bottles. Not even warm water from a sink. My baby got a tummy ache. I had to lay my baby girl on my belly so her tummy would settle down. I didn’t like my baby being uncomfortable. All the different hormones and moods were all worth it! I shared on Pinterest.

  3. Motherhood is such an amazing journey! There is so much great info and advice available for new moms that wasn't around when I had my kids in the 80s. Thanks for sharing!


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