Spring Bucket List Ideas with Free Printable

I didn't really have plans to create a spring bucket list, but my summer bucket list is doing very well on Pinterest right now. So I thought I would share this list ideas and free printable for spring so my readers can enjoy some ideas since most of us are playing the self-isolation game.

Spring Bucket List Ideas with Free Printable

I like creating these lists seasonally anyways though, I had so much fun creating and completing our Ultimate Christmas Bucket List. Here are some ideas to add to your Spring Bucket List plus either grab the pre-made bucket list or the blank free printable version to add your own ideas! This list also includes helpful links to find recipes and more for easy reference.

This list is about FUN! So don't feel obligated and end up stressing yourself out over this. I don't consider myself a "Perfect Pinterest-worthy/Instagram-worthy Mom". I just like to create memories with my children. This list is perfect to add stuff you already had planned or on days where you are wondering what to do, then you don't need to search for ideas. Please share any of your fun spring activities in the comments below!

1. Create a Driveway/Sidewalk Chalk mural
2. Go on a Staycation
3. Go Camping
4. Play in the Sprinkler or Let the Kiddos Help Wash Your Car (so much pollen)
5. Go Hunt Easter Eggs
6. Make Paper Flowers - MomJunction has the details
7. Fly a Kite
8. Make a Birdfeeder - Watch This How To YouTube Video
9. Plant an Herb Garden
10. Bake a Pie
11. Feed the Ducks
12. Walk Under the Cherry Blossoms
13. Splash in Rainy Puddles
14. Visit a Botanical Garden, Outdoor Museum, or Sculpture Park
15. Go on a Bike Ride
16. Spring Clean the House
17. Go to a Farmer's Market
18. Run a 5K - not too hot and Color Runs are so much fun!
19. Climb a Tree - great fun while on a hike
20. Host a Tea Party
21. Dance in the Rain
22. Go Birdwatching
23. Watch Caterpillars Transform into Butterflies - order a kit online
24. Plant a Flower Garden or Tree
25. Pick Strawberries at a Local Agrotourism Farm
26. Celebrate Earth Day Everyday and Pick up Litter - ways to save the environment (and money too)
27. Paint and Hide Rocks - Learn more about Kindness Rocks
28. Make Homemade Bubbles
29. Visit the Library & Check out a book
30. Play Dress Up
31. Go on a Picnic
32. Go to a Drive-In Movie Theater
33. Watch the Clouds Roll By and Imagine What They Look Like
34. Spring Break Road Trip
35. Create a Nature Themed Scavenger Hunt
36. Catch a Frog
37. Make a Flower Crown
38. Search for Four Leaf Clovers
39. Dye Easter Eggs
40. Go Yard Selling

Click Image Below or the one at the top of this post to print for free: 

Things to Do In Spring with Kids

Please let me know what spring memories you like to enjoy with your family in the comments below. If you enjoyed this, you might also like our Screen-Free Family Fun Night Ideas

What are some of your must do spring activities?

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  1. Anyone can tell that you are a mommy! I had to pin this wonderful Spring Bucket Lists! It even helps me to keep the ideas fresh and fun with my grandkids. With my memory, I forgot some of these activities!
    Also I really like the OshKosh B'gosh outfits your children are wearing!! Thank you for sharing! Happy Birthday ����������


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