And My Baby Turns Four {PJ Masks Birthday Party Ideas}

I had a hard time with this one for multiple reasons. My son is our last "planned" baby. Right now at least, we don't have any plans for another. My husband and I don't know if that will change, but we are content with not having another baby right now. So my son turning four was hard. He officially isn't a baby or toddler anymore.

Another reason this was a hard birthday was because the planning. PJ Masks is a popular theme. There wasn't very much décor out there that fit within our budget. I agreed to do this them before I knew this, but thanks to Pinterest, I found a ton of DIY décor ideas. I don't know about other people BUT when I make things myself instead of buying it, that means more stress. My mother-in-law did help me by making his homemade PJ Masks shirt.

I have used this printable banner before when I did my daughter's Tangled Birthday Party and we were on a very limited budget. That is the thing about DIY birthday décor, especially if you have a good deal of art supplies on hand then it can cut your costs a lot. I like using this printable banner with different color backing because it is super easy, you can print exactly what you'd like, and it can fit multiple themes. If you print out different characters, then you can add them between I chose to keep it simple so that I could reuse it if I wanted to.

You could even get it laminated for TONS of future uses!

The one thing my son insisted on having was a PJ Masks HQ. It took me a while to realize what he was saying (with help from his big sister). And although he wanted the PJ Masks HQ toy (which my mom ended up getting him), I don't get my kid's expensive gifts since I throw them a party and I wanted him to have one. So I decided to make one. I have a ton of ideas that I have pinned on Pinterest.

I did end buying a few decorations online and some in store at Party City. I bought this PJ Masks 4th Birthday Balloon bundle and this 16 guest plate, cup, napkin bundle from Amazon. I did decided to do goodie bags since so many people made a big stink at my daughter's My Little Pony Party because I didn't have them. I already had bags and bought the candy, bubbles, crayons, and bracelets at Party City.

As a surprise and since THANKFULLY the weather was finally better, our entertainment was a bounce house that we got for the WHOLE WEEKEND from This wasn't sponsored, I just wanted to give a huge shout out because I truly thought they were wonderful to work with and have great prices.

Food wise; we ordered simple green/red/blue cupcakes from Kroger. We did make our awesome guacamole and alfredo buffalo chicken dip. I did try a new recipe for Hawaiian Sliders that was a HUGE hit.

I think my son ended up having a great day. I did have to chase down RSVPs which is VERY ANNOYING. If you are invited to something, RSVP either way. At my daughter's Jumpy Place FROZEN Birthday, we had people RSVP last minute (an hour before) so we didn't know they were coming so they didn't get a spot to jump. My son's Thomas the Train Party, we had people who showed up with kids that didn't RSVP at all so I didn't have enough goodie bags OR food. Please RSVP either way. It's just polite and seriously if you can't make it, it won't hurt my feelings.

So my question for you, how do you keep your sanity when things get overwhelming? I love celebrating my kiddos' big day, but I feel so stressed leading up to it. I didn't get the pictures I wanted and for me - that is the ONE thing that makes me feel better about all the stress of planning and chaos during the event.

How do you celebrate your little one's big day? Do you throw parties? How do you keep the stress at a minimum? What do you think of our PJ Masks Birthday Party?


  1. Happy Birthday to your baby!! My son turned 5 in January. :) He love the Paw Patrol too, love your ideas!

  2. I think I remember his birthdate- March 13th! We didn’t have all the phone s and gadgets 40 years ago when my first baby turned 4! They had a little better selection when my last baby was born in 1984. I still was busy and all wrapped up in what was going on in the festivities! These are some good pictures! Believe me, my kids don’t care about their childhood pictures- just their kids’ pictures! As a matter of fact, they beg me not to show their younger pictures cuz they think they are ugly or funny looking!

  3. little late but happy birthday.. congrats!

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