Gender Neutral Baby Shower Gift Ideas

When husband and I got pregnant with our son, I asked him if we could wait until delivery to find out what we were having. I had heard about gender regret and didn't want that to be an issue for us. I don't know if I would have been upset if we had another girl or not. I truly think I just wanted to have a healthy baby, but I knew my husband wanted a boy. So I convinced him to wait.

My husband's cousin offered to throw us a shower because she said, "Every baby deserves to be celebrated." My mother-in-law asked me, "well what do you need? Don't you already have everything?" Good question. Because if we were having a boy, no we didn't have everything because we would need clothes. But we weren't finding out, so what do you get the couple who isn't finding out AND this isn't their first baby?

So here is a list of things that were great for us to receive, my favorite baby shower gifts in general, and hopefully they will help you with some ideas too.

Car Seat. Yes, this is one of those expensive gifts, but for us, by the time we were to have another baby our first carrier car seat was expired. Yes, car seats expire. My mother-in-law, sisters-in-law, and I like to in together to get a more expensive gift on the registry, something they might not get otherwise.

Baby Tableware: No matter what the gender of the baby will be, baby tableware is among the gifts you can always go for. Inexpensive, yet so practical, baby dinnerware makes things easier for the new parents, both during the first months and during the baby-led-weaning. Baby bottles are extremely helpful when it comes to liquid, and the little one can transition to cups with the help of training sippy cups. You can also opt for whole baby meal sets from premium silicone, which include baby cups, plates, and bowls that stick to surfaces and are extremely helpful for those who like to throw everything away while eating.

Nursing Pillow. Even if the parent to be isn't going to be breastfeeding, nursing pillows make GREAT loungers especially when the baby is unable to roll over. Even when bottle feeding nursing pillows are great when the baby is so tiny because without one sometimes your back can hurt.

Emergency First Aid Kit. Not something that is usually registered for, my sister made me one when I had my daughter. It was unique because she added only baby items. This is something you need to DIY as I have never seen one on the market. It included colic drops, a thermometer, and so much more. It was my favorite gift because it was so personal and useful. DIY New Mom Survival Kit

Lotions & Shampoos. Some people are picky about what they want to use with their babies, so I you do give this as a gift make sure you leave a gift receipt. But I loved this kind of stuff because babies go through so much. My sister bought me a stock pile when I was pregnant with my son that I am still going through.

Gift Cards, Cash, Date Night Vouchers, or Promises of Meals. Probably my favorite thing people did was give us food. Although promises to watch our kiddos so we could have a date night wouldn't have been a bad idea either. We also greatly appreciated all gift cards and cash donations because babies can be expensive. Some people think they aren't personal, but we are not those people.

These were my gender neutral shower invites. You can find them at Babies-R-Us.
gender neutral shower invitation

Breastfeeding Supplies. My mother bought me a ton of nursing pads and lanolin when I was pregnant with my son. I actually received very little with my daughter and was constantly having to buy it. Remember anything that isn't opened can usually be returned and/or exchanged. Another item that would have been a great gift were nursing bras, like these.

Bottles & Pacifiers. Talk to the mother-to-be beforehand and ask her if she has plans to use a pacifier or bottle. I didn't plan to use a pacifier with my daughter, but ended up using one. I used both with my son and am glad I had them on hand.

Baby Laundry Detergent. Babies are messy that is just a fact of life. My son was the messiest from day one. And having a stock pile of dye and fragrance free laundry detergent would have been a great thing to have.

Baby Wipes. My daughter is now six and I still occasionally use baby wipes with her. Of course not with diaper changes, but baby wipes have so many uses for busy parents. Diapers changes, cleaning up faces & hands, wiping down a fallen pacifier, or even

Diapers. Being our second baby, I knew we would need a stockpile of diapers. With my daughter, we did not register for enough diapers at all and although we received a few, we were buying diapers again a few weeks after she was born. My favorite diaper since I am an experienced mom is definitely Luvs Ultra Leakguards with NightLock Plus™. They provide the high-quality features babies and parents need for less cost than the premium brands. Plus they are softer and more absorbent than ever before, with large stretch tabs for easy fastening, ultra-leakage protection, and a money-back guarantee.

The official diaper of experienced moms, right now you can save even more on Luvs this month with both a $2 off any one pack of box of Luvs in this Sunday's Paper (April 30th) and a $1 print-at-home coupon.

What do you give as a shower gift? What do you think of Luvs? How do you like to save on baby supplies?

This review was made possible by iConnect and Luvs. I was provided compensation to facilitate this post, but all opinions stated are 100% mine.


  1. I have learned NOT to give clothes. everyone gives clothes and I've seen so many babies outgrow the clothes and the mom give them away with the tags still on. Definitely diapers, wipes, detergent, baby wash is the way to go.

  2. A new little peanut! I think that's adorable. :)
    (Disclosure, or what-have-you: I'm in my mid-30s, have no children, and have yet to attend a baby shower!)
    I would imagine that are all kinds of gifts that one could make/buy for a gender-neutral baby shower, and I like the ideas you've presented here! You listed "Date Night Vouchers, or Promises of Meals"-- to that, I might add "Babysitting Vouchers," which is kind of the same thing, but juuuust different enough. :p
    Another idea might ask the parent(s)-to-be, What might THEY hope to receive as a gift?
    Also, I think that it might be nice/thoughtful to include grandparents/siblings, especially if it is a firstborn.


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