Tips to Introduce a Pacifier

When I was pregnant, I had the idea in my head that we wouldn't use pacifiers. I didn't like them because I read that they can effect breastfeeding in a negative way and that an older child can become too dependent on them. Well, a many of sleepless nights later, we decided to introduce a pacifier to our baby.

baby girl with pink NUK pacifier

Tips to Introduce a Pacifier:

Let your baby guide your decision. Some babies take to pacifiers right away, like my son. But some resist. It's important that you don't force it. Try again later, or even another kind. This is what I had to do with my daughter.

Please remember that pacifiers should never be used to replace a feeding. That's why it's recommended to wait until you have established breastfeeding. And remember, newborns want to nurse a lot in the beginning to help your milk come in. So, offer the pacifier between feedings when you know they aren't hungry. If you HAVE to delay a feeding (like you're in line at a store check-out), a pacifier can be a very useful tool. Using dummy clips can be helpful so the pacifier is close at hand.

newborn baby boy with neutral mam pacifier

My son took to his pacifier easily. He liked the shape of them very well and never gagged on them. I had completely reversed my stance on pacifiers at this point, that I brought them to the hospital with us! Even though I didn't introduce it until we got home.

The key is to not push your child to take a pacifier. Although both my children took a pacifier very well, they were each very different children. My son would still wake up at night frequently to nurse well up until he was one year old. I tried giving him a pacifier instead, but he wouldn't have it. My daughter was a fantastic sleeper from four months on.

What features do you look for in a pacifier for your baby? At what age did you start implementing oral care?


  1. I don't have a need for pacifiers, but I've seen SO many parents use pacifiers all day long. The baby had either a pacifier or food/drink in their mouth.

  2. My children were given paci's in the hospital, although the first three never seem to adjust to them. My fourth child was born with some difficulties and the doctor suggested we use a pacifier with him. He still never really used it a lot and was done by 3 months. That was many moons ago and I now wonder how much more I played a role in making the paci decisions rather than my babies. My youngest grandson loves his, maybe too much.

  3. Thanks for sharing these great tips. You have an adorable little one. Walmart has some really cute pacifiers.

  4. My daughter was given a pacifier in the hospital - and she took to it right away. Honestly I don't know what I would have done without it. Thanks for sharing this information - a lot of new mommies will really benefit from it... and of course - who doesn't love baby coupons!!

  5. Really good article, thank you for sharing. My son is almost 9 months old and doesn't care to suck a pacifier, he would rather hold, and chew it lol

  6. Oh, sigh, I hate pacifiers. I suppose some parents may need them though. I've just seen too many kids over 2 running around with them and it makes me cringe. :)

    1. My kid was one of those kids. She was 2 & a half when she weaned. Nothing wrong with it. Her dentist was okay with her using a pacifier and so was her pediatrician. She used it at night & nap mostly, but sometimes when she was tired it was a necessity to pacify her until she could get a nap. I'd rather use a paci than hear her screaming in public. Just sayin'.

  7. Thanks for sharing such great tips!

  8. I dont have kids yet but it good to know the use of pacifier and in case I need one I know where to look. I have been seeing lot of promotions for NUK brand these days so they might be trending.

  9. We tried using pacifier, different kinds but he never adjusted. Sometimes I wish he took one beause he didn't learn to self soothe for while. The nuk ones were one of the ones that we had the most success with, though.

  10. Well, I will not have to worry about this any time soon hehe. The Pacifier ABC Quiz sounds pretty cool too. I can't say much about this because I am not a mommy yet, but I am sure I have some friends who will appreciate these tips. Sharing. Thanks!

  11. Thank you for your soother tips, perhaps with baby #2 I will try again. My son decided that soothers were not for him, at all, even with several brands and styles

  12. My son only took soothies!! I blame the fact that he was addicted to the boob lol!!


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