Pregnancy Problems That No One Talks About

I'm going to tell you a story that not many people know about. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I was a nanny and use to take them regularly to this bounce house place. It was a little bit of a drive from their house, but totally worth it because the kids loved it. One day, my friend had invited us to come jump and I noticed that the girl I was watching had a dirty diaper. No big deal, they had awesome family restrooms. My friend watched the little boy I cared for while I went and changed the diaper.

The diaper was a bad one. So bad, I couldn't stand the smell and started getting sick. Actually, this was normal for me. I had terrible morning sickness with my first pregnancy, the difference this time.
I experienced bladder leakage for the first. TMI, I know. But no one told me about it. And if you are pregnant or planning to get pregnant, I want someone to tell you.

Did you know there are more people with bladder leakage are in their 20’s than their 80’s? I wish someone had told me about using products for incontinence through pregnancy and beyond. I would have loved Depend Silhouette Active Fit briefs because they have a lower rise+ for an underwear-like look, fit and feel, so I could easily have worn them under my clothes all the time. Instead of worrying about bringing a change of clothes everywhere I went or those pads that can be seen from behind. They are also available in black or beige, so I could have color coordinated as well.

And you can experience incontinence even after you have the baby. For years even. It's like Rachel from FRIENDS says, "Of course your body’s going to change. Your breasts are going to get bigger. Your butt is going to get bigger...You’re going to lose bladder control. God! It’s just such a magical time!" And it really is. And so worth it.
As part of Underwareness, the Depend brand is encouraging people to show their support for women with bladder leakage. For every photo and video shared using #Underwareness and featuring Depend products, the Depend brand will donate $1, up to $3 million, through 2016 to fund charities that advance the research and education of bladder leakage.
I encourage you all to visit to support the cause and request free samples of Depend Silhouette Active Fit.
What were some other unknown pregnancy problems that you had? Do you have an embarrassing story that you are willing to share to help break down the stigma associated with the common condition of bladder leakage? What do you think of Depend Silhouette Active Fit briefs? Did you grab your free sample?


  1. Thank you for sharing. I recently did a similar post. More people need to talk about this so there is not such a stigma attached to it.

  2. OMG when I was pregnant - every time I sneezed, coughed, laughed - you name it, I peed a little. haha.

  3. I think it's great that you're being open and helping your fellow mamas out with this post. I'll have to tell my pregnant friends about the sample!

  4. You don't need a pregnancy for this issue in your 20s either. I always wore a pantyliner or thin pad because when my allergies would flare up I would sneeze like 10 times consecutively and somewhere within those ten sneezes a little pee would leak out.

    1. You are right. I have multiple friends that had issues before they had children, kind never started until then. Of course I got pregnant at 24.

  5. I have to admit, these do not look too pretty. haha. I guess while you are pregnant, you don't care too much. It sounds like something that many pregnant ladies would use though.

  6. Thanks for sharing. I recently applied to get free sample hopefully it comes soon for me to try. I love depends brand as such so hoping this is comfortable as it looks.


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