Benefits of Taking a Natural Probiotic While Pregnant

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I have been fighting off colds left and right this pregnancy. I never really went through this with my first pregnancy. Based on the information I have found from the research I've done, the skin is our first line of defense from infection, but 60-70% of our immune system lies within our intestines. Pregnancy causes the immune system to work harder and taking a natural probiotic may decrease the risk of colds and respiratory infections. So each time I get better, I have turned around and just got another cold. BTW sneezing and coughing while pregnant stinks. Big time.

And the thing about having a cold? You basically can't take ANYTHING while you're pregnant. There is a HUGE list of medicine that you just can't take. I have heard the wonderful benefits of probiotics for a few years now, but never made the plunge. But when I found out that you can take them while you are pregnant (and I received confirmation from my doctor), I jumped all over the opportunity because something had to give.

About two weeks ago, I went to CVS to shop for Insync Natural Probiotic. Of course I checked out the magic coupon machine first, which I'm glad I did because I got to save $2 on any vitamin! It was very easy to find and along side all the other different varieties of probiotics.

Notice this disclaimer? I asked my obstetrician before taking Insync Natural Probiotic and she was excited to see that I was taking such a proactive approach to my health. So Doctor Recommended!

Everyone knows that probiotic consumption can treat constipation, indigestion, nausea, and vomiting by restoring the digestive system balance of healthy bacteria in the intestines and by promoting regularity. With increasing hormones, fatigue and stress, pregnant woman are more prone to these issues. Research shows that probiotics also help prevent urinary tract infections, yeast infections and skin inflammations like dermatitis, all of which are common complaints during pregnancy.

Plus there are TONS of benefits that can be passed on to baby even after they are born through the breastmilk!

During the recent ice storm, I went to my in-laws and forgot my probiotics at home so I couldn't take them. I could tell on those days that I didn't. My cold and cough has drastically improved as well as my digestive health since I first started taking Insync Probiotic. And I know what you're thinking, "I have a hard enough time taking my horse pill of a prenatal, how am I ever going to swallow another?" It isn't a as large as my prenatal that are prescribed from my doctor and it's thinner so it goes down smoother. I have been taking them both with a small glass of juice.

So what do you think about Insync Probiotic? You can keep up with Insync Natural Probiotcs online on Facebook or Twitter.

Have you ever considered taking probiotics? Did you know the benefits of taking a natural probiotic for you (pregnant or not) and baby?

I am a member of the Collective Bias® Social Fabric® Community. This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper amplification for Collective Bias and its advertiser.


  1. I take a daily probiotic, but I didn't start until after I had my son. It wasn't until then that I really heard about the immune system benefits of taking a probiotic. If I'm blessed to have another child, I will continue to take probiotics.

  2. I always say I am going to try a probiotic, but I never do. I NEED to. My children NEED to.

  3. Probiotics are so useful for our bodies. we use a lot of natural yogurt, but I'm probably the one who has it least in my family. My husband and kids do daily!

  4. That's terrific that you found something that would work for you when you're sick and pregnant! ~ Kimberly

  5. I take a probiotic now. Never thought to take one when I was pregnant.

    Michelle F.

  6. Never Knew The Benefits Will Pass On To My Pregnant Sister In Law, Thank You1

  7. I have heard that probiotics are good for people but I didn't realize that they had specific benefits for pregnant women. I'll definitely have to look into them when we are ready to start trying for a baby.

  8. I just started taking my vitamins more regularly. They are the gummy kind, so now I take a multivitamin and a calcium supplement. I'll have to check if these come in gummy form.

  9. So do you take the prenatal and probiotics?

  10. I have been thinking of taking a probiotic and getting one for my son as well. We both have digestive issues and I'm just about convinced that I really need one. I like that this one is natural, too, so no extra chemicals! #client


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