Any Gender Predictors? {WW Week #52 + LINKY}

So we had our 20 weeks anatomy scan on Monday and they gave us this.
The temptation is almost too much to handle.


So how was your week?
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  1. Gosh the suspense must be killing you!! Do you have the envelope locked away in a safe? Thanks for hosting!

  2. Oh my goodness!! The temptation must be horrific! lol

    Are you gonna wait to until they're born? :)

  3. The suspense is killing me too!!!!! Are you going to open it?

  4. Keeping my fingers crossed that it is a little boy! You should know the joys of a boy.

  5. And did you open it?? I predict a little Johnny Apple Seed:)))
    Hugs my sweet friend

  6. I would wait but if your a planner that could be difficult heheh!

    Good luck with deciding

    Have a decisiontastic week ;-)

  7. Yeah, there's no way I'd wait. I'm too much of a planner. It's so much easier to shop and pick names when I know what's coming.

  8. It doesn't matter if it is a boy or a girl, as long as it is healthy. Yet....I didn't want to know for my first three children, then I wanted to know for the last three. The first were all girls, and the latter three were all boys. Actually I am happy I checked because I only had girl stuff. What great friends and family that I had that gave me a bounty of boy things.

  9. I never found out. My OBGYN always had his RN turn the scan backwards so he didn't see it and give anything away. He then had her black out the sex! I knew I was having boys anyway, just a 'gut' feeling I have had since high school. I have three boys!

  10. Those are not always 100% correct, but isn't it more fun to wait :) I never wanted to know, I had my own idea (which always proved correct), and I figured after going through labor, confirmation of gender was part of the fun and reward.

  11. How exciting! I had my friend look at my results for me this last time and then make an appliqued onsie with his name (we told her our boy & girl choices) on it that she present to me to open at a party with all of our friends. :) I have boy-girl-boy - they are all fun!

  12. So exciting!!!!!! I wanted to do that but just couldn't stand the suspense!

  13. I was so certain on mine that I was having a boy let the tech tell me. And then I was wrong. My man-creature had a gypsy curse put on him as a child to only have girls. There's no getting around that.


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