Weekly Totals - Most Random! - 96% savings!

I had a bunch of coupon trades come in Tuesday and Wednesday. As most everyone probably knows at this point, I am car-less. So Tuesday Hubby had the day off and he took me to Publix. Then Wednesday my friend (who usually takes me shopping at Publix on Thursday or Fridays), made a little trip for me. I didn't get a picture of my friend's trip but I did get a picture of my trip Hubby.
Tuesday trip to Publix:

14 Yakisoba BOGO @ $0.99 (You are only allowed to use 10 of the same coupon per order - I did not know this rule so they let me use them all at once)
- 12 $0.50/1 from 8/26 SS doubled and 1 $1/2 = -$6.07 overage
 Glade Oil Diffuser and Mist Starter Kit = FREE
- Used FREE coupons from #BzzKit.
1 BOX Pampers Cruisers $25.99
- $5 off Pampers cruisers from Baby Club - $10 Manu Mailed from P&G = $10.99
Total = $5.53 including tax! :D
Here is my friend's order. As payment for getting my freebies (although I wanted to get other stuff and it SUCKS that I didn't have a ride/car to get it myself), she got some cookies.

Transaction #1:
8 Yakisoba BOGO @ $0.99
- 8 $0.50/1 from 8/26 SS doubled = - $4.04 overage

4 Wacky Mac Pastas @ 2/$1.69
- 2 $1/2 IP from Facebook = $1.38 or $0.35 each

Total after taxes = -$2.71

Transaction #2:
8 Yakisoba BOGO @ $0.99
- 8 $0.50/1 from 8/26 SS doubled = -$4.04 overage

1 Double Stuff Oreo (my friend's payment) $3.15

Total after taxes = $0.22

Total after BOTH Transactions = +$2.45



Needless to say we are stocked up on Yakisoba for while, which is good because they are an easy meal my family loves.

Also, at the bottom of this post is a place for you to show your own brag worthy purchases! If you don’t have a blog or vlog, feel free to leave a comment on this post letting us know how you did shopping this week.


  1. Great savings!! Following you GFC from At Home Take 2 blog hop!

    -Fotini { http://glamorousbride.blogspot.com }

  2. That is awesome! Sometimes I wish I could understand how couponers do it! I'm a new follower from the Weekend Blog Walk, and I'd love a visit back at http://www.two-in-diapers.blogspot.com when you get the chance. :)


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