Publix 11/17/11 - 82% Savings!

Publix's trip today consisted of things we need to get through Thanksgiving. We don't have it at our house but we do bring stuff. We attend one for my husband's dad's side this Saturday and then just our family at his parent's house on Thanksgiving day. LO's outfit won't be ready by this Saturday but that's another story...any ways here's what I got:

4 Sundown Folic Acid Vitamins $3.79 - 2 $6/2 store coupon and 4 $1/1 off manu (I can either use these for when/if I get pregnant again or can donate them but I'm not turning down an overage! :] )
8 Uncle Ben's rice BOGO $1.99 - 4 $0.75/2
2 Presidente Specialty cheese spreads BOGO $4.59 - 2 $2.50/1 (these are for LO's party and I'm very excited because I thought I would have to drive all the way to Target and pay $0.99 but I got them for free!)
4 Mueller's elbow macaroni BOGO $1.53 (we need these for the macaroni and cheese we are suppose to bring) - 2 $0.55/1(I would have print off more but hubby didn't tell me until after the fact that he needed some too :/ )
2 Pam cooking Spray BOGO $3.19 - (no coupon, just good price and we needed)
2 Breakstone sour creams BOGO $2.25 (freezing to use to cook for when I make enchiladas, YUM!)

This was my first trip I scanned in at the National Consumer Panel. So we'll see if I get any good surveys! :)

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