It's beginning to look a LOT like Christmas...

We put up our Christmas decorations today. :)

Here's some pictures, ENJOY!:

We have a yearly tradition of watching ELF as we put up our decorations. Usually as soon as we get them down, Hubby falls asleep on the couch. This year my father-in-law came over and helped get them down and then Hubby actually helped put the ornaments on the tree! :) He did fall asleep at the end but it was almost midnight and he been at work all day. I'm so proud of him. :) The problem is taking them down and putting them away, and we'll have our Sweet Pea this year. But I don't want to think about taking them down, I love our house the best at Christmas time. I didn't do two trees this year (one little and one big). But we are still very festive! :D

In other news: I called Ashley Stewart. They were the last account still pending of that whole stolen identity thing. Hopefully that means it's over and they catch the woman who did it.

Tuesday I have a meeting about the whole life insurance deal. I'm hoping this will finally be over and we can move on.

Wednesday is my 39 week OB appointment. Hopefully they will have some news on when the end is in sight. I'm 38 weeks and 5 days along today and VERY uncomfortable. Tuesday I'm starting my list of the 'Get Baby Out' Plan. Hopefully something works to get her here. :)


  1. Beautiful photos! I don't like to think about taking them down either. I like to pretend that part doesn't happen :]

  2. I remember being that pregnant and waiting for our little one to join us. He finally came on his due date! The ends in sight! She has to come out sometime soon! Thanks for linking up!


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