Bed Rest

Went to the doctor today for my 35 week check-up (although I'll be 36 weeks on Saturday) and they put me on bed rest. I was technically suppose to be on it Saturday but they said I could still work as long as I took it easy but now they said because my blood pressure was so high then, on Tuesday (found out at our Insurance check-up), and today plus with my swelling that I need to be on complete bed rest. I worked it out with my boss so we'll see how it goes after Monday (which is when my follow-up appointment is). I really want to work my last week. I love my kiddos so much. They want to check my urine for protein so I have to keep all my urine in this containment thing on Sunday (SO GROSS!). Well that's it. I thought I would give a little update just so everyone can know what's going on.

At least this will give me time to do my thank you cards. :)

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  1. >< I didn't send the list for your thank you cards. You let me forget. You know I am senile and need to be reminded of stuff. lol
    Take it easy and stay off your feet! :o) Love you, talk to you tomorrow.


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