38 week OB visit

0cm dialated and 0% effaced. And she hasn't dropped. I also spilled my urine sample on the floor and cried. I also didn't realize how much it hurt when they check you. The doctor said I can start walking though. And my blood pressure was down.

I've been having a LOT of drama lately. And you wouldn't fully understand unless you have been involved in the situation the entire time. I'm hoping it can get sorted through soon though.

Christmas is approaching. I'm so excited to have the best present on her way. Hopefully she'll be here soon but mom went over due with my brother and sister so I'm not worrying about it. If I've made a happy home for her then I'm glad I could do that. :) I still love feeling her move. It's really amazing. It's getting a little uncomfortable though and I'm ready to meet her. :)

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