37 Weeks ♥ Full Term!!

I have enjoyed feeling every kick and hiccup. I have loved knowing that I have created a human being and that she is living and growing inside me. It has been such a cool experience. I am also very uncomfortable and bored being on bed rest. I'm ready for the next step of our journey to begin. I can't wait until she is here and I am officially a mommy and Greg is officially a daddy. I'm so excited to meet her.

So this is how mommy and baby are doing:

We have finished setting up her nursery! Check it out!:

Click for full size

Things I still need to do:
- Get the dog groomed
- get a pedicure (it was doctor recommended! :])
- get my car cleaned out and put in car seat
- Take back everything to Babies-R-Us
- make sure hospital bags are fully packed (need to buy toiletries)
- straighten up living/dining rooms including tables
- buy pregnancy scrap book (just in case I don't go into labor, I need something to keep me occupied during bed rest! lol)

I think I'll work on this list tomorrow. Thank you everyone who has been keeping up with my blog. It means a lot. I can't wait until I get to start writing about the next step of this wonderful journey. :)

The full moon is tomorrow. So let's see if she decides to be a statistic and make her grand entrance (or out trance - depending on how you look at it :]) then!

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