36 weeks ♥ 9 months preggo

So at the doctor they said if she decided to come they wouldn't stop her. I want her to come when she's ready although I'm hoping she comes a little early because I'm miserable. We finished her nursery today I'll post pictures tomorrow. :) Here's how baby is doing:

Been looking into labor and breast feeding a lot. I hope she's able to do it. I'm trying to go into everything realistically. I don't really have a birth plan except I DO want an epidural and I DON'T want a c-section unless absolutely necessary. And I want to breast feed but I realize that for one reason or another we may not be able to. But I'm going to try my best to stick with it and hope for the best.

When I went to the doctor they put me on bed rest and mentioned Toxemia/pre-eclampsia. So I started doing a little research on it. Here seem to be the symptoms of Toxemia(the ones with the check marks are the ones I have): elevated blood pressure ✓ , protein in the urine (find out Monday), bloating of the hands ✓ , feet ✓ and face ✓ due to fluid retention, and hyper-reflexia. And here are the ones of Pre-Eclampsia: high blood pressure ✓ , protein in urine (find out Monday), water retention ✓ , fatigue ✓ , abdominal pain ✓ , headaches, nausea, the inability to tolerate light that is bright ✓ , blurred vision ✓-sometimes, shortness of breath ✓-sometimes, and infrequent urination. So I'm a little nervous about the results for Mondays appointment. But we'll see. Apparently they usually induce or tell you just to stay on bed rest depending on how bad it is. Please keep us in your thoughts.

Ok that's it for now. I still don't have my thank you cards done but I did make a big dent in them. :)

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