Nanny to Mommy: Welcome October with 10 weeks to go!!!

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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Welcome October with 10 weeks to go!!!

The colder it gets the more nervous I get. I worry about delivery, about if we'll have enough money, and ofcourse if we'll screw her up. I worry she'll get knocked up by someone stupid boy and I'll have to go to jail because I killed him. lol So many things on my mind lately. But the main one is money. I feel like everywhere I turn someone wants more money from us. We finally started building up our savings account and we had to spend it all to gets Greg's car fixed. I found out we have to pay more on my ticket (which we aren't fighting because it just didn't make sense) then I originally thought. Plus, (although we don't have to pay this) I found out that another account was opened under my name by that stupid lady who stole my identity. It was the same day, it's just more hassle I have to worry about. well anyways here's how the baby is doing! :] :

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